Sunday, December 31, 2006

First Things Last

First post.

Last day of year.

No pithy comments or predictions.

However, my goal is to complete my WIP Third-Rate Romance, continue to flog the two finished books (whose names keep changing), think of ways to expand the five or six novellas into full-length books (because, really, how many more ideas and characters can I come up with?), and decide whether I leave the dead body in Low-Rent Rendezvous. That's enough to get me started into 2007. Oh, and I want to get my hands on the quotes of Oscar Wilde so I can use them and feel smarter.


terrio said...

Oh, Maggie, this is a wonderful idea. And I know you can reach every goal you've set for yourself. Well, most of them anyway. *g* I'm going to do two things in this new year if it kills me. Get more writing done and go back to my regular exercise routine. I will improve my brain and my body and I will be much happier about both by the time we have this same conversation next year at this time.

I'm looking forward to checking out this blog and enjoying your great wit and wisdom.

Elyssa Papa said...

Maggie, seconding Terrio's thoughts about this blog! Let's see for New Years' Resolutions: perhaps stop my fascination with SLJ in fanfics (not going to happen *g*), finish the WIP and polish it, and entertain thoughts about exercise such as oh, I should walk to the cabinet to get some chocolate. lol.

Happy New Year!

santasmbslt said...

Maggie! This is terrific and I give you lots of credit for making this leap. I've saved it along with the Vagabonds blog. I'll visit as often as I can!!

Great goals for yourself. Are you going for an agent?

My goals are to finish my WIP and get it out there. I also have a few ideas on the back burner that I'd like to develop further.

Happy New Year to you and everyone here! Salut' to 2007!

√Člodie said...

Congrats on your new blog, Maggie!

I look forward to reading many great things from you this year! And we know you can do it! Can't wait to read you in print. :D


Tiffany Clare said...


This is a great idea! keep at it. It's writing of a sort is it not? that's what you are supposed to do as a writer, keep writing. It's great advice if you can follow it, lol.