Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Change Your Life For Only $2.99!

I have in hand a copy of OK! Magazine. Now I could lie and tell you I bought it for my daughter, because I’m going to give it to her this weekend when we visit her in Boston…but you know that’s a lie, 'cause I just told you.

I confess. I read People. I read Us. And Vanity Fair and InStyle. And Time and Newsweek, too, but their gossip section is not their strong suit. Because I am someone who rarely watches TV, I must stay au courant somehow. Without watching one step, I know Emmitt Smith won "Dancing with the Stars." And that Evangeline Lilly (what a gorgeous name) is now homeless because her house burned down in Hawaii. Have I ever seen "Lost?" Sadly, no

So I’ve indulged in a guilty reading pleasure, but there was a nugget of nutrition in this issue that I want to share with you. There are ten remarkably remarkable and easy steps to transform your life. Never let it be said that my shelling out $2.99 was in vain. Red is OK!’s wisdom, black is mine.

1. Team up. Friends, just say no to chocolate, yes to expanding your word count together.
2. Take a breather. That’s right. Just stop and breathe deeply and chant whatever you wish. You know what I’m chanting. ;) Maggie Robinson Means Romance. I am a legend in my own mind. I am a legend in your own mind.
3. Drink up. That’s water, silly, and lots of it.
4. Add fruit. An apple a day, a pomegranate a day, whatever.
5.Be grateful. For big or small things. We’ve all got more positives than negatives.
6.Leave room. My grandmother always said a lady never finishes all that’s on her plate. My mother said children in China are starving, so eat up. Listen to Granny. Sorry, Mom.
7.Start with one. Each journey begins with a single step…a word, a sentence, a paragraph, a page, a chapter. Set bite-size goals and pretty soon you’ll have a book.
8. Get some rest. Did you know when you’re tired you “snack recklessly?” Now you do.
9. Think positive. Be the little engine that could.
10. Love yourself. And we’re not talking vibrator. Take care of yourself so you’ll be ready to take care of everybody else.

There. Now all our lives will be perfect in 2007. Can you think of a good #11?


terrio said...

My phsical therapist (I'm going for my knees) says her magazine said to lose the shoes. No more torturing outselves with high heels. Well, when you are single and in your mid-30s, you need your legs to look as good as possible. Once I reel him in with the legs, I'll lose the shoes. And a few other things....

Tessa Dare said...

LOL, terrio!

You know, my whole first name is Evangeline, and no one ever knew how to say it or spell it until this Lost chick came along. Now there are gonna be millions of babies named Evangeline in the next few years. (Not to mention the sudden boom in romance heroines with that name.) Hmph. I kinda liked having the oddball name all to myself.

That has nothing to do with your advice, does it? I have no advice to offer, sadly. I will just gratefully absorb the words of wisdom from OK and Maggie.

marciamellow said...

# 11....Keep track of old friends! They might one day become famous, and you can bask in the shadow of their glory! "I knew her when.....we shared giggles (sometimes cackles) in the teachers room...on the playground...going to class...over tea...King Cole of course! ;-)

island girl said...

Maggie, I love your words of wisdom.

How did you know?

Now, I'll have go and google Evangeline Lilly. *grin*