Friday, January 5, 2007

Dear Diary

In sixth grade, I kept a diary. All the boys in the class were listed in kissability preference. #1, Michael Somebody (okay, Michael Cummings) actually kissed me. French kisses. Six times. And after he had his wicked way with me, we broke up. I must have whined about that, but the diary is long-gone.

Diaries are fascinating to me. For several years I worked in a historical society museum, where I did everything from design displays to transfer 100-year-old newspaper clippings onto acid-free paper, sneezing all the way. I came across an anonymous journal of a housewife circa 1902. Every entry started with a weather report, a real concern on the isolated island where she lived. The minister visited. She took a trip down island in her buggy to see a friend who had new kitchen wallpaper. Several weeks and several pages later, she was hanging her own new wallpaper. Homely information, but history nonetheless.

Blogs are twenty-first century diaries. No kissing and wallpaper here. But reading blogs is a great way to avoid my WIP but learn something about writing and writers without feeling too guilty.

How many blogs do you look at regularly? Any favorites? I'll post mine tomorrow.


Beverley Kendall said...

On my page I have a list of blogs I visit (pretty regularly). Eve, Lacey, Alice, Pam (they are good about keeping theirs up to date and moving. I also check out the people they have listed on their pages too. That's how I've come to your page (Eve aka Tessad).


Lindsey said...

Maggie!! You have a blog! How am I only just finding this out?!?

RV is my first blogging experience - I'm defintely learning a lot (and having tons of fun along the way!).

I do the round of FanLit blogs as well, and I usually check the blogs of my favorite authors. I follow news blogs for my interests - The Leaky Cauldron & Austenblog, for example - and like some blogs just for fun: lindsayism (because she has such a cool name!), BSC Headquarters (blogging about rereading the Baby-sitters Club books as an adult - too funny!), etc. I just go through phases where certain blogs capture my interest.

John Robinson said...

You never told me about Michael Cummings.......and here I thought Ronnie Johnson and his trusty hoover vacuum was the only previous love of you life.

John Boy
Hubby #1

Tessa Dare said...

Holy crow, Maggie!

Six french kisses in sixth grade! Ronnie and his hoover? I think I'm out of my league in the Robinson clan.

Lindsey, I love Austenblog, too. Of course.

Janga said...

One of life's little ironies is that I am reading fewer books because I spend so much time reading blogs--most of them directly or indirectly related to books. :)

And, Maggie, your sixth grade diary story made me think of junior high and slam books. Anyone else remember those? Kids can be vicious!