Sunday, February 25, 2007

Vive la Difference

Chocolate is a perfect food, as wholesome as it is delicious, a beneficent restorer of exhausted power. It is the best friend of those engaged in literary pursuits.
~Baron Justus von Liebig (1803-1873), German chemist

Despite the learned professor’s advice, I confess I prefer vanilla. Maybe that’s why my book isn’t finished yet. As a child living around the corner from a candy store with a soda fountain, I was the one kid with the vanilla sugar cone while my friends ordered chocolate.Does that make me boring? I contend it just makes me different.

Everybody likes chocolate. Even grumpy Lucy from the Peanuts cartoon says, "All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt!" As if that would sweeten her up. Some people think chocolate possesses miracle powers. Chocolate is cheaper than therapy and you don't need an appointment. Sorry, I’ve eaten my fair share and I’m still kind of crazy.

Don’t get me wrong. My Viennese mother taught me to eat fresh fruit with chocolate, alternating bites. Pass the chocolate-covered strawberries and orange peels too, please. I won’t turn away that Valentine’s box of chocolate, either. But I love vanilla ice cream, without the hot fudge sauce. It’s delicious just as it is.

I will not work for chocolate. I don’t think, Forget love -- I'd rather fall in chocolate. I don’t begrudge anybody their chocolate fix, but it just doesn’t do it for me.

But what does do it for me is finding a book that is unique and an author who is addictive. So I highly recommend Barbara Metzger’s The Hourglass. She has combined a sprinkle of paranormal, a dollop of gremlin humor, generous helpings of duty, honor and luscious romance and mixed them up into a very satisfying read. Grab yourself a Hershey bar if you must and go read it. The hero is drop-dead gorgeous. ;)

Chocolate or vanilla? What have you read lately that’s deliciously different?


RevMelinda said...

Hi Maggie,
I love your blog, love the art, love the "Third Rate Romance! You are always a great commenter on WordWenches, too. Cheers to you and thank you for sharing your words and pictures!

terrio said...

I'm sort of an odd one. I love chocolate - it's an addiction. But when it comes to ice cream I prefer plain old vanilla. Like you, no toppings needed. It's perfect just the way it is. I was once referred to as vanilla a couple of years ago and it was not in regard to ice cream. This bothered me for a long time because I believed it made me boring. But then someone pointed out that it's the most popular flavor so how could it be boring? I like that rational much better.

So, I'm a plain vanilla girl and not ashamed at all.

As for books, I recommend a really good LuAnn Rice. They are not really romance but there is usually some sort of love story involved. But they are much more than that. I've read only a few because they are long and take an emotional toll. But I would highly recommend them all the same.

Hellie Sinclair said...

I used to skip class (and me a school geek) when Justin & Nick promised me ice cream. But not just any ice cream: Triple Chocolate Passion by Baskin Robins. I was ecstatic over the flavor; they were escstatic I was licking fervently from the cone. So easily we can be pleased.

I love chocolate truffles; but adore Creme Brulee (vanilla). Frankly, I love it all. Chocolate, vanilla--you're all equally represented here!

As for what have I read lately that's different. Hmmm. Well, I'm reading a Stephanie Plum book. I never ever ever read mysteries--no sex--so that's different, and it's really good too. I also love the Marsha Moyer books about Lucy Hatch. Adore them.

Anonymous said...

I adore chocolate (the more chocolate the better) but as I have grown older, I have learned to appreciate the beauty of plain vanilla ice cream.

I have read a book that wowed me recently tho

Anonymous said...

Correction: that would be have NOT read a book that wowed me

nearhere said...

Can I go for chocolate AND vanilla? Depends on the mood, the day, the month exc.I'm a libra and can never make up my mind.

In terms of books, I had a delicious reading weekend and devoured both Carla Kelly's Beau Crusoe (AMAZING!) and Diane Gaston's Innocense and Impropriety. Both books I couldn't put down. Although it was weird to encounter a love scene in a book by Carla Kelly. I wonder if it was as weird for her to write it as it was for me to read it... Whatever still an amazing read.

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

I can't seem to find the Hoyt book anywhere. Why don't I order stuff online? I don't know. Am looking forward to the Gaston book as well.

You all are making me hungry for ice cream. I have only myself to blame.

Nearhere, I'm a Libra too. Aren't we well-balanced? ;) That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

Tessa Dare said...

Chocolate all the way for me. The only exception is with apple pie or fruit cobbler or such. Then only vanilla will do.

When I was pregnant, I read a study that said women who ate some chocolate every day during their pregnancies gave birth to babies who smiled and laughed more than their cocoa-less counterparts. I have a very smiley baby. :)

santasmbslt said...

Chocolate for me! I've just discovered Breyer's Triple Chocolate ice cream (white, milk and dark chocolate). Truly amazing!

I'm with Seton. I haven't read anything fantabulous but then again I haven't picked up The Hourglass, Carla Kelly or Diane Gaston's latest!

Sarah Palmero said...

Vanilla. I'm completely a vanilla girl. I like chocolate too, but I adore a good, rich creamy vanilla like nothing else.

I'm way behind in my reading, but currently reading Kushiel's Chosen by Jacqueline Carey. I love the lushness of her language so much.