Monday, March 26, 2007

As Mag Ran

I’ve been a fan of Paul Levine’s Solomon and Lord series, which are hilarious almost-romances featuring two Florida law partners, their fractured families and their wacky practice. Steve Solomon’s nephew can magically convert anything he hears to amazingly apt anagrams. I was always floored when I read them, wondering how Levine can come up with such clever stuff.

Now I know where he might go. A fabulous time-killer is the anagram generator site at

Virtually a million things came up when I entered Maggie Robinson. How am I described?

Enigma so boring (a dull woman of mystery, that’s me)

A bore in gin smog (although I much prefer champagne smog. Still dull)

A bosom reigning (yup, 38 DD)

Brain gismo gone (definitely)

My friends, the gamine gin boors, are hanging out at the Goosing Mine Bar with the big Marine goons. The Boogieman grins at a bi gnome’s groin over in the corner. Sin Mirage Bongo is boomeranging on the jukebox. You get the idea. Go have some fun of your own and report back here on the best inane broom gigs. It won’t be a somber going in, I promise you.

Highly recommended: Solomon vs. Lord, The Deep Blue Alibi, and Kill All the Lawyers. Levine's latest, Trial and Error, will be released on June 1.
“sparkling dialogue that echoes the Hepburn-Tracy screwball comedies”—Chicago Sun-Times

Anagrams for "romance novel"---titles you will never, ever read, much like the entries in the Too True To Life contest:

Man Love Crone (younger man, experienced woman find love)

A Conmen Lover (TSTL heroine and Botany Bay escapee find love)

Clean No Mover (parlormaid and lord get trapped in broom closet, find love)

Remove No Clan (The MacFriskies battle for survival, find love)

Acorn Lovemen (Robin Hood and his Merry Men find love)

No Lamer Coven (Apprentice witch heals Waterloo vet, finds love)

Acme Love Morn (actually, Acme love it anytime of day or night)

I’ll stop now. Ton pillows. Swill on top. Lip—lost, won. Slit---plow on. Nip lots, low.

It’s hard. Trash id. Ash dirt. Star hid. Rat dish.

The end. Then Ed---he dent, he tend.

Really. Rye, all?

Anagrams for Maggie Robinson Means Romance which can be forced to tell a bizarre love story : Moonbeams smearing ignorance. Mom’s engineering cabana room. Manana coming; seeing sombrero. Micromanage mooning bareness. Macabre signora mooning semen…. I’m picturing a nighttime tryst with a naked but not-quite-bright cabana boy in Cabo right about now. He’s got a great butt, too.

And last, but not least, the Too True To Life randomly-selected-winner-picked-from-a-pile-of-tiny-folded-papers-in-a-big-red-Solo-cup-with-my-eyes-closed is My Joist.

That would be, Misty Jo, of course. E-mail me at with your mailing address and your prizes will be on the way.

Thank you all so much for making my weekend so entertaining! I wish I had a prize for every one of you. Please come back to visit again. I want to learn more…TMI is never enough.


Courtney Milan said...

What a great site!

Courtney Milan becomes:

Cornmeal Unity
Corneal Mutiny
Menial Country
Untie Normalcy
Cruel Antimony
Lo, Runty Anemic
My Unclean Riot
Annul My Erotic

and my favorite:
Unromantic Lye

terrio said...

Man there were just too many to pick from. Theresa Osburn gets:

A Bees Short Run
A Throb Ensures
A Boner He Rusts
Hearse Burst On
Heaters Burn So
Teasers Burn So
and the cautionary tale - Neath Bus Sorer.

That is a serious means of procrastination....LOL!

LauraT said...

LOL, Maggie! I love this blog.. sooooooo much fun to read!!

Tiffany Clare said...


That's funny! I had like a kagillion sorry...I'll post some more funny ones later!

Tiffany Clare said...


well you can imagine why I picked to share these ones...hehe

santasmbslt said...

Congrats MistyJo! I'll be back later to play the anigram game!

MistyJo said...


Thanks Maggie and Santa for the congrats! I'm so excited! I can't remember the last time that I won something, especially this cool!

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

Hey, Misty Jo, I'll get an envelope out to you by the end of the week. Hope you like the book and goodies!

And know you're also Rioter, right?

Thanks, Laura, it's great to see you!

Tiff, somehow the word stiff is just perfect for you. :)

And Santa, we're waiting to find out what you're REALLY like!

We know that Unromantic Lye is very uncomfortable in unmentionable places....but I really like Untie Normalcy....I unravelled long ago.

RevMelinda said...

RevMelinda becomes:

A Mind Revel
Learned Vim
Remand Evil
In Mad Revel
Darn Vile Me
Rad Evil Men
Male Driven
Name Drivel
Maven Riled
Maven Idler
Man Reviled

I love that the words evil, vile, drivel, and idler kept coming up!

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

Melinda, you wicked woman, you! these are hilarious considering your profession. God does have a sense of humor. :)

terrio said...

I hadn't thought of that Maggie. Turns out I'm also Retro I. Yep, that's me...LOL!

Tessa Dare said...

Oh, I love anagrams!

I've used that site before, but I'd never tried putting in "Tessa Dare."

Some faves:
Dear Asset
Sad Teaser
Reads Eats (my 2 favorite pastimes!)

Ericka Scott said...

I had f-a-r too many too chose from:

A COCK SITTER (okay. . .)
A COCK RE TITS (even better?)
A RICKETS COT (a new meaning for bed bugs?)
A COKE STRICT (nope, diet pepsi for me!)

Lenora Bell said...

A bosom reigning? Hah!! Very cute. Mine weren't so exciting, I think my name repeats too many letters.

ALL BE LONER was my favorite.

Thanks for the laughs, Ms. Bosom!

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

Thanks, Teaser, Cock Sitter and Aloner for stopping by (hey maybe you should get together and solve those problems, LOL!).

I especially love the Anagram Hall of Fame on that site:

the eyes=they see
mother-in-law=Woman Hitler
a decimal point=I'm a dot in place
New York Times=monkeys write

and then a long one

To be or not to be: that is the question, whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. =
In one of the Bard's best-thought-of tragedies, our insistent hero, Hamlet, queries on two fronts about how life turns rotten.
(Cory Calhoun)


Hellie Sinclair said...

Fran the Hellion--my nickname, typically self-appointed turns into:

A Feller Ninth Oh--which I assume is a story about a baseball game where Feller lost it in the ninth. Very tragic.

A Hell En Firth On: I don't know but I think it has something to do with I'm being denied Colin Firth's hot little self--and it's Hell, I tell you, hell!

After Hell, Ho Inn: Sounds about right.

If I use my real name, and I rarely do:

Racy, Clone Self: which can only mean: you drive too fast, Hellion, if you don't stop, you'll need to clone yourself to continue...

Lindsey said...

LOL - these are too funny! Some highlights for my name:

LADY BEER FINS (that's Countess of Beer Fins to you!)