Sunday, June 24, 2007

Beau Ideal

I went to college with a girl who once declared, “I love little guys.” Unlike most of my contemporaries, she preferred short men. I, on the other hand, was plagued by guys who made me feel too big. I was 5’6” (notice, I say was---somehow I’m now down to 5’4 and almost ½" as I pack on the decades and the pounds) and rather robust. I wanted to feel delicate and petite. My 6’3” husband finally did the trick (but I think he’s shrinking too).

And I think opposites attract. I’m blonde (now courtesy of my hairdresser) and my husband is dark. Most of my heroes fall right into the tall, dark and handsome cliché, although Hart from Paradise is blond because he’s kind of an angel. Just like me.

What does your ideal man look like? I don’t want to hear any nonsense about good personality and sense of humor, kindness to kids and kittens. If you were creating a hero, tell me what color his eyes are and if he has a devilish grin. I’m assuming he has all his own teeth.

I require three things in a man. He must be handsome, ruthless and stupid. ~Dorothy Parker


Atherley said...

Oh, Maggie, I'm giggling too hard to write seriously! One look at that top-heavy, little-legged figger, and all I could think of was the pallid, very naked, twenty-pound turkey standing on the tips of its drumsticks under the tap, getting a rinse-through before my mother stuffed it! (Eventually she gave up and let my sister and me hold the thing, which was a mistake. While my sister held it under the arms--I mean, wings, I moved its legs in a can-can!)

--LOL-- I'll stop by later and tell you about the phyiscally flawed hero I'm about to plop amid the insanity of The Domino Effect!

Tiffany Clare said...

well I will say my Etienne is modeled after Nate know the hottie that graces most romance novel covers? Yup, I'm not very original, but I can so see that being Etienne.

Nicholas? Haven't a clue...

Elizabeth said...

Hi, Maggie. It's Liz from the EJJQB, ready for guinea pig duty.

For starters, I'm all about the sexy grin. It's a trend I've noticed in all my really bad crushes.

Take, for example, Heath Ledger. SEXY grin! Also, I love that dirty blonde, messy haircut look he sported in A Knight's Tale.

As far as height goes, I like a man to be taller than I am, but only by a little bit. I'm 5'4 3/4" and the guys I find most appealing are 5'10", 5'11". They don't seem as intimidating as the really big ones.

Also, I don't like skinny guys. It weirds me out when I feel like I eat more than they do. :P

Kim Castillo said...

Okay, Maggie!

He has to be tall. At the least 6 foot. Taller if possible. Stocky like a football player, I don't like skinny guys. Dark, wavy hair. A strong face with a killer smile and nice teeth (I have a thing about teeth). Green or hazel eyes with long lashes. A smoldering gaze and bedroom eyes that call me. BIG hands with callouses and he has to know what to do with those hands. An ass that makes me want to bite it. Hairy strong legs. And well, he'd need to be well endowed. Of course *g* Rich and witty helps too. Is that more than you wanted to know? lol

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

Kim, you and I are going to fight over that guy. But I bet he's enough for both of us. ;) Actually you've described my husband when he was a tad younger. He still has great legs, not very hairy tho. But hazel eyes and dark wavy hair? Check. I won't discuss his other attributes. He reads this!!!

Hi, Liz. Glad you made the jump over from the BB! I loved HL in Knight's Tale...some people found the whole modern music/history thing weird but I thought it was great. Heath is a hottie. And definitely no to the skinny ones. I just can't see Mick Jagger myself. I could sit on him and kill him.

Tiff, I practically buy any book NK is the cover model for. He is gorgeous...and Etienne, eh? No wonder your scenes sizzle!

Anne, I did think this illustration was perfect for the "perfect man" blog, LOL.

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

And I know I'm crazy when I look at that cartoon and think he's talking on a cellphone!

Atherley said...

I thought it was a cell phone too, Maggie!

Liz, I loved Knight's Tale! of course it was quirky, but that's part of its fun. Plus, HL is just such a brilliant actor. I had thought he was just another pretty face until my sister made me watch Four Feathers and Monster's Ball (I was stuck with her in a blizzard), and I had an in-your-face glimpse of his depth. I've been something of a fan ever since. (I adore Casanova--and Brokeback!)

Now for the dreaded, stupid question, Maggie, Tiffinac and Ladies:

Who is this Nate Kemp that everyone is drooling over?

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

Anne, if you google Nathan Kamp you can actually see all the romance novel covers he's been on. Someone on Amazon has put one together. His official site:

Atherley said...

Thanks, Maggie, I recognize the face! (Well, the torso, too, LOL!)

Anonymous said...

Maggie, here's my list of attributes my ideal beau must have:
1. Must be tall at least 5'11''
2. Must be dark haired/unless he has no hair, that's ok too
3. Wouldn't cry if he had green eyes
4. Must have good looking hands, hands that have seen work
5. Must have a fit/toned body
6. Can not have hairy toes

Keira Soleore said...

Maggie, that's a funny picture of Prinny getting dressed.

Kim, you're too funny!

Give me a Gerard Butler please: those eyes, that smile, that jaw, the dark hair, the height, the dreamy body. Josh Holloway and his dimples would be a good stand-in, too. There's something about dimples in a man that I think is incredibly hawt. Oh, and I like thick long eye lashes and a Mel Gibson voice (just the voice).

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

Keira, have you noticed that the boys get all the eyelashes while we're stuck applying gooey mascara? And I LOVE dimples.

Marisa,Kim and I already are sharing that guy! You'll have to get your own. :)

Kim Castillo said...

HA! I just watched A Knight's Tale this morning. Love that movie.

HEY! I don't share. Y'all gotta create your own man. ;)

MistyJo said...

My thoughts on the Ideal Man...

1. Dark, jet black hair with a tad of silver at the temples
2. 6'2 to 6'4 tall
3. Brown eyes that smolder
4. Olive complexion to tan
5. Muscular build but NOT weight-lifting look (I had a chance to date that type one time, but I had to say "No thanks" when I noticed that he kept asking women to place their fingers between his tits. He would then flex his chest and hold their fingers there. That loggerhead.)
6. British, Scottish, or Italian accent
8. Nice legs
9. Nice ass
10 The Complete Package
11. Must Have A Wicked Sense Of Humor
12. Sex Appeal
13. Cooks, cleans, and gives awesome back massages

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

Misty Jo, In the immortal words from When Harry Met Sally, "I'll have what she's having!"

Atherley said...

I'll have what MistyJo's having, too! I would like to add a 14th attribute, if I may: a nice set of whirlygigs, LOL (Or are they included in The Complete Package? Ooooh, I'm such a novice at some of these things!)

Tessa Dare said...

Oh, I'm with lr - a sexy grin does it for me every time.

I like my guys with dark hair and skin darker than mine (which is almost everyone b/c I am practically albino!) - I'm not picky about eye color. A strong jaw is a must-have. Wavy hair ... mmm, yes please. As for build - I can go either way - lean and muscular works, or brawny and muscular works. But yeah, some muscle needs to be involved!

Unknown said...

MOMD (man of my dreams) must be AT LEAST 6 ft tall, must have broad shoulders to make mine appear smaller, a healthy body but not too skinny, if i don't have a six-pack he definitely doesn't have to have one either. i'm partial to brunettes so dark hair, dark skin, piercing blue eyes. clean shaven, but maybe some long side burns. also must be "handy". cleanly, but earthy and well dressed- a man who irons is always a plus, esp. if he irons my clothes too! and last but not least, a smile that makes you melt.

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

Tessa and Abby, so far your tall, dark and handsomes are in the lead in my very unscientific poll here. And a man who irons really knows how to bring on the heat.:)

Erica Ridley said...

I like 'em from the wrong side of the tracks... a swagger and a healthy dose of attitude makes 'em sexy even if they're not traditionally attractive... (That's in BOOKS. In real life, I prefer someone who can keep a day job and helps with the laundry. *g)

You might be interested in a certain list of contest winners...

Anonymous said...

Maria here -
Must have British accent!

Atherley said...

Why, oh why, does it always come back to "tall, dark and handsome?" (The DH, by the way, is only tall and salt-and-pepper...elegantly muscled...moves with the grace of a ballet dancer...has a sexy grin...and, yes, loves laughter, kids and kittens, LOL)

Every now and then I'll run into a real-life icon of manly beauty who has the IQ of an amoeba or who has eyes for only himself. There are few things more tragic and frustrating than an unintelligent, self-absorbed IMB.

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

Yes, Anne, but we're just doing the shallow, eye-candy thing this time! There must be actual research on why TDH is the gold standard. Someone look it up.

Maria, American women are such suckers for English accents(I know I am). Wonder if English girls are so easily impressed, LOL.

Erica, whee! Excited about the contest. Your launch was lots of fun in a world domiantion kind of way!

Anonymous said...

Yes, British accents make me swoon-I've been know to fall in love over the telephone. But Erica has a point, if I didn't have to share him with Kim or Maggie, and he had an accent and he did laundry - well then... say no more!

MistyJo said...

anne, "The Complete Package" is what you're thinking about. ;-) The ideal man couldn't have anything less. IMHO, there are too many of the edited versions running around. *g*

I would like to add:

14. Sexy grin (how did I misst that one?!? thanks for bringing that one up)Combined with a wink, and I'm putty.
15. CHARM...he must have charm.

Hellie Sinclair said...

My "ideal" is tall, dark, and Ioan Gruffold. Black hair, or really dark brown; blue eyes (I do love blue eyes) or dark, velvety brown. Not Mr. Universe ripped; I like muscular like Colin Firth in P&P; smooth chested to hairy; and a self-deprecating smirk.

I love Orlando Bloom & Topher Grace--both lanky runners, but defined muscles all the same. (Of course, me standing next to them, I look like an Amazon, but I do think they are very handsome.) I prefer a little scrawny to a little "husky".

Strong jaw, cleverly accented by 5 o clock shadow...a killer grin and twinkling, knowing eyes.

And he has to smell good. All the really ideal heroes smell really wonderful.

Unknown said...

clive owen....yum!

Tiffany Clare said...

Misty love your list!

I like 'em over 6 feet. Don't care what colour the eyes are as long as they are expressive. And a grin/smile that says I know what I'm about, and I'm going to eat you alive in so many ways.

Terri Osburn said...

Geez! You spend one day at an amusement park and miss the hottest convo around. Love the new look, Maggs.

Dream guy. many great points have been mentioned. I have to have them tall. I've never dated under 5'11" and gone as high as 6'7" but that was a waste (if you know what I mean).

Killer grin that makes him look like he's up to something or could get up to something real quick. Touch of bad boy with bedroom eyes. Love the 5 o'clock shadow or oh heaven's a goatee. Yummy!

I can't take the skinny guys (even at 6' they usually weigh less than I do) so I like them *filled out* shall we say.

Throw in brains and charm as well as a wit that can keep up with mine and I'm good to go. Several rounds in fact...

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

Terrio, I don't know which look you saw---I've been playing around for an hour, but I think I might be done. For today. I'm like someone changing her outfit five times for a hot date. Who knew there were so many options?

Hellion, Ioan is mine.

Tiff, it's all about the grin, isn't it? As mischievous as possible.

Abby, we have so much in common. *g*

Atherley said...

Maggie, you've changed the layout! Brava for taking the plunge! But I confess, I loved that old lighthouse. There's something very seaside and relaxing about it (though the harbor could have been the scene of countless wrecks in days gone by!)

Good luck with the new look! Please let me know if you find the right-side photo layout a bit confining. It's the one reason why I'm foregoing in-post illustrations for Domino Effect and Regency Musical Timeline, and keeping all the pics in the right-hand column.

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

Anne, I loved the lighthouse too, but it was up 6 months and I got bored! I think you can rearrange all the page elements from left to right and vice versa. I'm liking the shades of red right now, but who knows what will happen tomorrow? *g*

irisheyes said...

I like 'em tall, dark and handsome. Since I'm only 5 feet when my posture is completely perfect, the tall part is not that hard!

I like the dark wavy hair and blue or green eyes (like Paul Newman blue). The kind of eyes that make you do a double take.

I'm also a hands girl. I love big strong hands that completely envelope mine when we hold hands.

I'm not too fond of skinny either. I've spent my life around skinny Irishmen with boney shoulders and no butts. I want my guy to have a little meat on him. A little muscle is good, too. No Mr. Universe for me, though (Mistyjo, your muscleman story is hilarious!).

The British accent is a given and of course a sense of humor always makes a guy more attractive in my eyes!

RevMelinda said...

Maggie et al, I have but two words to say:

Goran Visnjic.


Terri Osburn said...


I can get behind that one. Or in front of. From the side...

Oh, forgot who I was talking to. LOL! I'll just say I totally agree.


Atherley said...

Maggie, that red is pretty! I'll tell you a secret (right, a secret on the Web, LOL): Genius here never realized she could change the colors for links and text, etc. until you changed your layout! I just went back to Atherley's, wondered why it was so gray, and, duh, finally found the means put some more color into the thing. Thanks for the "lesson!"

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

Irish, sigh. Paul Newman eyes. The rest of your guy sounds fine, too.

RevM, I saw Goran one morning on the Today show when they were visiting wherever it is he comes from. He was so adorable and proud of his heritage.

Anne, I'm warning you...this change business is addictive. I'll have to check your your transformation!

Terri, just sit on him!

Terri Osburn said...


I thought of that but then I'm afraid he wouldn't be able to breathe.

Oh, you meant....nevermind.

Atherley said...

You're so right about that addiction, Maggie! I haven't found anything, yet. I say "yet" because, well, in graphics design, you shouldn't play with more than three colors! ...Or was it two...or five...or....whatever works???? And I see you've gone all pink already! Oh, oh, oh, this is soooo addictive...

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

I'm obviously out of control. What do we think? Too pink? Back to white? Good thing I'm on vacation.

Atherley said...

Maggie, I went with greys and lilac, largely because of that B&W illustration (a Greuze painting that's somewhere in four-color!)

A white background is good when you have lots of color pics.

Actually, I liked the white/red combination! It complimented all those great illustrations.

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

Anne, love YOUR new look too. And the dismal Pepto-Bismol effect is gone, here.

Atherley said...

Ah, back to white and red! Maggie, I'll bet anything you feel most comfortable with this layout. It looks great, it's fun, it's lively, and it's warm. It's great now, it'll be wonderful when we're back in cold weather! (Shouldn't that be "soon" in Maine, LOL)

As fun as it is to play with different colors, it's always best to keep the elements simple and united in color-relations. (And I still can't believe totally missed that font and color tab!)

Thanks for eyeing my own new colors. I do hope the arrangement's not too conservative!

Terri Osburn said...

Looks great, Maggie, but I would put some color behind that title. Right now it just looks like it's waiting to be colored in.

It reminds me of a brand new coloring book. *g*

Hellie Sinclair said...

Maggie, should I ever end up in bed with Ioan, I'll be sure to remind him he's yours...the next morning at the latest.

santasmbslt said...

I love Dorothy Parker!

My ideal man is not too tall but stocky. Jet black hair, hazel eyes or a green like moss bleached by the sun. Make you look twice eyes. Nice pecs and abs but he really has to have killer gluts and thighs. Yup, that's it. He also has to be able to string more than two words at a time.

The best looking guy I've ever seen up close was a classmate in college. He was of mixed heritage and so his face and skin reflected the best blend of French Canadian Indian/Irish/German and African American. He had those look twice eyes, drank Turkish coffee and smoked Turkish cigarettes and had a most engaging crooked smile.

Absolutely delish!

Ericka Scott said...

My "perfect" hero is tall (always), with brown hair and brown/hazel/black eyes.

Make him Keanu Reeves. . .to go.

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

Hellion, tomorrow will be fine.

Santa and Ericka, that's 2 more in the TDH column!

And as you can see, I've reverted to the old blog look, with a minor change...just couldn't deal with the stark white background. I will obviously do anything to avoid the WIP.

Atherley said...

The blog is back! Welcome back, Old Blog!

'Fess up, Maggie: Aren't you glad you played with it? Now please get cracking on that WIP!