Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gush and Mush

Romance. We’re addicted to it. We think we can never get enough of it, either in fiction or real life. But like a steady diet of anything, I wonder if we’d really like it if we ate it all the time. I do like to read other stuff---mostly mysteries, thrillers, the occasional “women’s fiction” (whatever that means), history. I don’t do self-help books. I’m either perfect or beyond saving, not sure which.

And the man in my life? We’ve been talking Tall, Dark and Handsome all week long, and he qualifies. He can be quite a romantic, too. Examples will follow. But I’d probably think he was a pod person if he behaved too well. Would we really like a guy to anticipate and take care of our every need, gush how great we are everywhere he went? Think Tom Cruise. Think couches. Poor Katie. Kate.

When I met my husband, he was a college student. I had already graduated and was working in New York City. He’s still older than I am, if you were wondering. For our first date, he sold blood to finance dinner and a movie. He then took a two-hour bus trip from New Jersey to the Port Authority, walked over forty blocks, bought me cheap champagne and flowers. When we walked to the restaurant, he asked me if I liked chicken. I said yes. “Take a wing,” he replied, extending his elbow. So hokey, but that first Friday night date lasted the whole weekend and we are extremely married.

When I turned 40, he sent 40 red roses. Okay, so every one of them died the next day. I thought it was an omen, but it wasn’t his fault.

He gets my car filled with gas Saturday mornings while I sit in my pajamas typing. If they didn’t yap about it on the news, I’d never know gas prices are outrageous. And then he grocery shops, which I hate.

There are lots of little things he does for me. Maybe not grand gestures like heroes do in books and movies. We’re not dancing in the dark like Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse (You thought I’d say Ginger Rogers, didn’t you? But I looked it up.) and he’s not swinging me around the factory floor like Richard Gere does to Debra Winger. But he does our taxes. Sometimes we even get a refund.

What’s your most memorable romantic moment? Something that happened to you, something in fiction or film? Let’s get a little mushy.

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Anonymous said...

Maggie - your husband sounds wonderful. It sounds as if you have a 'partner' to share your life with; and after all isn't that what we want. I'm sure I don't need too many grand gestures - just someone who gets my jokes and helps me when I'm feeling down. So in that spirit let's go to my all time favorite romantic moment in a movie. Reds with Warren Beatty and Diane Keaton. When she travels all over Russia looking for him - and when he is fianlly released from prison - she sees him on the platform of a crowded train station. They look at each other and that one look is filled with all the love, longing and passion they have for each other - there are no need for words.

Terri Osburn said...

Alright, I'm going to say something nice about the ex. Don't anyone faint. Back when we first started dating, it was around the time the movie Pure Country with George Strait came out. If you're not familiar, at the end of the movie George's character (a country movie star - big stretch for him) puts on an accoustic show in Vegas and he sings the song "I Cross My Heart" to Harley, the woman he loves. It's a complete tear jerker moment.

Well, my ex is a country singer and one night in a club in Nashville he did that for me. He started the song on the stage then worked his way through the crowd straight to me. With a rose. Let's just say, it paid off for him big time that night.

I also like the little things. My ex-bf once tucked my hair behind my ear. Not sure why but that gets me everytime. I love the part in the latest P&P when they are dancing and all the others fall away. And who could forget that moment at the end of "The Way We Were" when she fixes his hair and tells him she's a lovely girl. I was so mad the first time I saw that and they didn't end up together. Yelled at the screen as a matter of fact.

Sorry if I just ruined that movie for someone. LOL!

Hellie Sinclair said...

Mike (GXB) and I got into a fight. Actually he insulted my cooking, and I in a fit of rage stomped out of the room. Only I ruined my exit by...*coughs* passing gas. Loudly. Mike threw himself into the floor laughing, which only made me madder and when I stomped off again...yes, you guessed it. An encore.

Humilated in the extreme, I stood still (finally), furious; and he stood, still laughing, his eyes gleaming with bemusement and probably the most fellow-feeling he had for me--then he cupped my face and kissed me, whispering "I love you". And it was like one of the first times he ever said that to me.

And unfortunately that's probably the only "romantic" moment I've got. My life is sad.

In college, though, I *did* get a surprise Christmas gift from my friend Mac (who said he and several other guys I knew had pooled their money together for me)--and bought me a artwork of "Braveheart"/Mel Gibson, framed, and very beautiful. No reason--only that he thought of me immediately when he saw it and had to give it to me.


50 First Dates: where everyday he gets her to fall in love with him. *LOL* Cute.

Music & Lyrics: when he writes this goofy song to her about her killing all his plants.

Sense & Sensibility: when Colonel Brandon says, "Give me an occupation or I shall run mad." (OMG, do I want to rip my clothes off then! Hello!)

Braveheart: when he speaks to Murron in French that nothing he saw on his trips were as beautiful as she is right now--and she asks what did you say, "Beautiful" he says. *swoons* "I want to marry you...I always have. I love you." *sighs*

irisheyes said...

Maggie - you're husband is a keeper. Just like mine. He does stuff like that all the time and I have to remember that when I feel like wringing his neck.

A few of his romantic gestures:

We lived in separate states when we were dating. I came to visit and he met me at the airport with a dozen yellow roses. When we got back to his place his whole bedroom was filled with about 100 roses in vases, cups, glasses and spread out on the bed. (I think I posted this somewhere before)

He showed up from out of state at a Moody Blues Concert. They were playing at a huge outdoor theater and he found me in a crowd on the lawn (I was cheap and didn't buy pavillon seats) about 10 minutes before sundown with one of those cheesy light up roses.

Movies - I'll have to get back to you on that one. Everyone so far has mentioned some really good ones.

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

Marisa, I haven't seen that movie in a million years---you make me want to rent it.

Terrio, aww, how could you possibly resist? Sounds exactly like that movie scene.

Hellion,who knew flatulence could be an aphrodesiac?

Irish, roses...the scent, the seduction! I'm glad yours didn't die!

Janga said...

Will you think I am unbearably cheesy if I name the ending of An Officer and a Gentleman as one of my favorite movie romantic moments? Zack carrying Paula off the factory floor with Joe Cocker singing "Love lifts us up where we belong" in the background gets me right in the heart every time.

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

Janga, I'll share the cheese fest with you---that's why I mentioned it in my post---it's now pretty iconic! Richard Gere does get to do those cool romantic gestures...the horse at the end of Pretty Woman, too.

RevMelinda said...

This is one of those things that probably doesn't seem romantic. When I was a kid I loved the Anne of Green Gables books. I always kind of secretly saw myself as a character like her: a misfit kid with a Big Imagination. I always took hope from Anne's romance and happy ending and thought maybe my life might work out, too.

When I was 25 I met this guy and on one of our first dates he said to me, "You know, you kind of remind me of someone--I saw this movie on TV called Anne of Green Gables and you remind me of her."

I was FLABBERGASTED and awed--not only had this guy heard of Anne (OK, how many guys know about Anne of Green Gables?), but he thought I was like Anne. I had just met him but it was like he saw and understood the REAL me, the person inside my soul.

In that moment I knew that he was the one I should marry. (And I did.)

So--that was romantic to me.

MistyJo said...

When my DH and I first started dating, he was a mid-day DJ on a radio station, hours from 10:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m.,and everyday after he would begin his air shift, I would call to say "good morning" or "I want to dip you in chocolate and lick you all over" just to name a few greetings. (Yes, he would record some of my greetings to use on the air.)Well, one morning I called, and of course, we talked mushy for a few minutes (keep in mind we were just in the new dating stage). After a little bit, he told me that he really needed to let me go because he had to take care of something. Nosey me asked, "What could be more important than I am?" He reluctantly told me that he needed to go pee, and I told him that he was the sweetest thing to hold his urine just for me. His response acknowledged all the love in his heart for me when he said, "I hold my urine every morning for you." Glad to know that I was more important than pee.

Ultimate romantic moments in movies:
1. Sixteen Candles when Jake Ryan is waiting on her outside the church for Molly Ringwald's character. I love how she looks around to make sure he is waving to her. (That would be me. LOL!)
2. Gone With The Wind when Rhett Butler sweeps Scarlett up the stairs in his arms. (Her smile the next morning says it all!)
3. Pirates of the Caribbean...At World's End when Will is kneeling at Elizabeth's foot and he kisses her leg. You just know that all the love he has for her goes into that one kiss. *swoon*

MistyJo said...


Hellion, our families must share a branch somewhere. Somehow we have to be related.

Janga said...

I need the blushing smiley here! I did read your blog, Maggie. I was just so impressed with your DH that I missed the Richard Gere reference. :)

I'll choose one you didn't mention. How about the garden scene in Just Like Heaven? Or on a very different note, closer to Marisa's desceription of the scene in Reds, the daybreak scene in Ladyhawke when for an instant both Navarre and Isabeau are human--and then Isabeau transforms.

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

Melinda, sounds like you really did meet your soulmate! I remember that Anne of Green Gables show.Congratulations.

Misty Jo,the end of 16 Candles does it for me too. I must have watched that movie 100 times with my three girls. And when you mentioned radio,here I thought you were going to say, "This request goes out to the love of my life..."

Janga, don't worry---you added detail (and music!). Ladyhawke is such a moving movie!

Here's a question. I should have included it in the main post. What do you think of people who propose in stadiums on the Jumbotron or on the Today Show or in skywriting? Mega-Romantic Gesture or seriously disturbed?

Hellie Sinclair said...

MistyJo: we probably do. *LOL* Don't worry...

Public Proposals...I think they're rather brave really. You never quite know how they're going to turn out, do you? I mean, you spend all this money on the assumption she'll say yes, and invariably, you'll get a few that say, "Are you fucking kidding?" right there, in front of a million everyone knows you got turned down.

I would not prefer an Athletic Stadium proposal myself, on the assumption you actually got me to go to a game. Skywriting's kinda cute though. I could go with skywriting. The Today Show is kinda dorky in my mind...but to each their own.

Terri Osburn said...

MistyJo - I love that story. LOL! I worked that same shift back in AR but I never did anything romantic except complain about my ex not taking the garbage out when I was 8 months pregnant. But I was the first to say "Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy" on the air years before Big & Rich wrote the song. LOL!

Janga - I love the movie Ladyhawke. I was tempted to name Isabelle Isabeau but there was only so much the ex would go for.

Public proposals can be ok if it fits the couple. If they have season tickets to the local hockey games and they both love it then it would have some meaning. If she hates sports and he only did it because he thought it would be cool then not so much.

I do have to agree it takes balls for a guy to do that. You have to be REAL sure she's going to say yes.

BernardL said...

The 1968 version of Romeo and Juliet was in my opinion the most romantic movie I ever saw. I can't think of any genre of fiction I enjoyed without romance.

Elyssa Papa said...

Maggie, your husband sounds delish as well as the others who posted. Never had a romantic gesture (sniff, sniff) but love the romantic movies.

In Pretty in Pink---when Ducky turns to Andie and says "go to him." Gah, I still want Andie and Ducky to end up together.

Music & Lyrics---the goofy song but also after they have dinner at her sister's house and they're standing on the street when he kisses her. Steps back, looks at her, and then kisses her lingeringly. Oh that gets me.

Love Actually---when Hugh and the girl finally kiss to only have it on public display.

My Fair Lady---when Rex Harrison realizes he loves Eliza Doolittle in his song right before she comes back to him.

Little Women---the kiss under the umbrella!

And finally in North & South when Margaret Hale gets off the train and sees John Thornton on the other train. He looks up and a delighted, I'm-so-in-love smile breaks across his face. God, who doesn't want someone to look at them like that?

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

Ely, my favorite scene in Love Actually (which I really do love) is when Colin Firth proposes in fractured Portuguese. I cry predictably no matter how often I've seen it. Very bittersweet w/ Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman, tho.

Bernard, we have that R & J in our school library to make reading the play a little less painful. :) It is wonderful.

Terri, I actually saw a proposal on TV where the girl said no. Ouch.

Hellion, if it is proven that you and Misty are 13th cousins twice removed, I'll hold the family reuinion if you hold the farts.

Terri Osburn said...

LOL! Good one, Maggie.

My favorite part in Love Actually is when that guy goes to Keira Knightly and he has the radio and all of those signs that tell her how he feels. Oh, how could she not have fallen for him?!

I just bought Brad Paisley's CD today and he writes the best lyrics. In a song called "I'm Still a Guy" he writes:

I'll pour my heart out and hold your hand in the car
I'll write you a love song that will make you cry
Then turn right around and knock some jerk to the ground
Because he copped a feel as you passed by

*sigh* Can we clone him?

Ericka Scott said...

My husband isn't very romantic, but he does such a lot for me and the kids that I can't imagine my life without him.

But, for romance. . . a guy I once dated gave me a pumpkin for Halloween (my favorite holiday) with a note that said "carve me". Well, when I did carve it, inside was a wrapped red silk teddy! (he'd drilled a tiny hole in the bottom, sucked all the seeds out, and then threaded the package into the hole).

santasmbslt said...

What wonderful moments all!

My DH is a quiet romantic. It's all about gestures for him. I still melt inside when he runs his knuckles along my jawline. Sigh.

Most romantic moment in a movie: In P&P when Mr. Darcy (Colin Firth) gazes at Liz while she is turning the pages for his sister.

And the way he rushes to get dressed when he discovers Lizzie at Pemberly.

In Persuasion when he writes that glorious note! Swoon worthy every time I read or see it.

In books: When Draven moves his hand to his waistcoat where he has Sara's spectacles tucked away, close to his heart. It speaks volumes.

Gillian Layne said...

My husband is a man of few overtly romantic gestures, but one last year blew me away.

He travels a great deal away from home. One night he called me, waking me from a sound sleep, and told me he had something special delivered from New Hampshire (where he was) to Kansas (where we live). I was seriously disoriented, and told him I had to hang up because someone was at the front door trying to break in.

It was him, of course; he had flown home for three days. It was every bit as incredible as anything I had ever seen in a movie, although I wished at the time I was in the habit of wearing something nicer to sleep in than a old T-shirt and boxers. :)

Voni said...

I'm having so much fun reading everyone's stories. Yes to all the movies mentioned. That scene that Janga mentioned from Ladyhawke always makes me wanna cry!

Maggie - if you have gotten it down where the hubby fills up the gas tank - then you need to do us a service and tell us what your secret is because (ok - diverging a bit here) one of my pet peeves with the hubby is he loves to run the cars on empty!!!

As for public displays ---- I'm in awe of any guy who can do this. Mine is the quiet/private kind . . . he cringes each time he sees any type of emotional outburst or something. On that note - I don't know if this is the most romantic for me but this memory does squeeze my heart each time. After the hubby and i got engaged, the relationship was mostly long-distance. It was tough. So after countless hours on the phone, and me having borderline depression from missing him so much (ok, I know, pathetic!) he flew me out to spend part of the Christmas Holiday with him & the fam. When it came to say goodbye to him at the airport (did the passionate goodbye stuff in the car/parking lot, *g*), I remember feeling surprisingly ok with everything. Gave him a big hug and walked off to the gate. I was standing in line then something made me turn around to smile or wave and there he stood, hands in his pocket, all strong and silent . . . with tears racing down his face! And not just a single tear or something --- but pouring tears. After getting over the shock I remember thinking, "oh gosh - is he gonna be ok???!!) Haha. To this day - whenever I ask him what brought this on, he just grabs my hand and kisses it. *sigh*. . . but trust me ladies - the guy 'aint perfect but this was a near-perfect moment for me.

Lenora Bell said...

Aww, your man sounds incredibly sweet.

When we'd only been together a few months, my partner gave me a book he had made out from photographs and hand-stitched poetry. It is my most treasured possession.

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

Wow, what sweet stories to wake up to!

Lenora, I love creativity in a know, someone who goes beyond the box of chocolates (altho they are okay, too.*g*).

Gillian, special delivery indeed! My husband hasn't done that himself, but he arranged for our son to come home and surprise me, which was almost as good.

Ericka, I am still pondering the pumpkin. Sounds as complicated as a boat-in-a-bottle!

Santa, I hope you're using that jawline rub thing in your book...sounds very nice.

Midwestgal, I'm all choked up! Not sure what my trick is with the gas, although I once told him if we ever ran out of gas, it was automatic grounds for divorce. ;)

Tessa Dare said...

Maggie, why do you taunt me? You know I am trying to get over my Mr. R fixation!

My DH is not a romantic. He's not especially good at remembering holidays or choosing gifts or even filling the car with gas. (Although he does move my car every Tuesday for street sweeping!) But when I said I wanted to quit my job to write, he said go for it. And every time I've said, maybe I should work again and make us some money, he's said don't even think about it. That's why he's my hero.

All my fave movies have been mentioned - the many scenes from Love, Actually (fave line "just in cases") and of course "The Look" from P&P. Ooh, ooh - I don't think anyone mentioned the rail station scene at the end of North and South with RA. Lurve that.

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

Tessa, MR. Dare's support of your dream makes him mushy in my book!