Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Inventing Romance

School’s out, and I’m in.

I am making myself sit in a 9’x12’ room. There’s only one window, and I have to do a little Exorcist maneuver to look out it from my desk. I will write. I will not blog too much. That’s become easier since some of my favorite blogs have gone dark or have been cut back.

I will let myself read, though. And maybe pull some weeds in my perennial garden. I shouldn’t bask in the sun too long because I’ve had skin cancer, but I’ll put on plenty of sunscreen, grab a book and a can of Coke Zero. I’ll sit in the green resin Adirondack chair next to the raised bed garden and work on enhancing my Vitamin D quotient and my wrinkles. Watch the ants crawl all over the peonies. Swat at the flies. Listen to the hummingbirds sucking out nectar from some mysterious purple bush I have. Only after I’ve written. A lot.

That’s it. That’s summer (Except for a trip to Las Vegas, with my new laptop so I can write by the pool or in the room *g*.). What are your big plans?

If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance. ~Bern Williams


Atherley said...

How wonderful to have summer off and do what you love to do! Enjoy it, Maggie! And please do continue to write and blog. You've got one of the nicest, friendliest places on the Web!

Janga said...

What a wonderful quotation, Maggie. I hope you do lots of writing because I'd love to see Paradise in my local bookstore next summer.

I have been sort of on vacation for five weeks now. I am teaching only one course this summer; it ends Friday. Then I have seven lovely weeks of freedom before fall semester begins. And since I will be semi-retired, teaching two courses three days a week, I will still be on vacation--sort of. :)

I have big plans for finishing my wip by mid-August. If I can limit the distractions, I may achieve my goal.

santasmbslt said...

You mean besides shuffle the kids around? Wait, I do that all year.

Since we did Disney in November we're going to be budge friendly and just do a nice long weekend somewhere with either a beach or pool or both.

Going to National in Dallas. Where I'll be pitching this dreck I call a book.

And writing. And writing. And writing.

I'll echo Janga and hope you do write on your laptop amongst the flowers because I too want to get my autographed copy of Paradise at National in San Fran.

Terri Osburn said...

What am I going to do this summer? I always say I'm going to enjoy it and relax. Somehow that never happens. My daughter spends 10 of her 11 weeks off with her dad. That means for 10 weeks I am a single woman with complete freedom. Very liberating.

However, I seem to still manage to fill all of my time. On top of my regular full time job I'm attempting to finish my WIP by mid August. Throw in a trip home for my little brother's graduation party, a flight to AR for my daughter's birthday and a week in August when these awesome friends are coming to visit me and the time is reduced.

Then add that I (like the idiot I am) sign up for an English Comp course over the summer and am embarking on a new relationship and you have the formula for why my life is constant insanity.

*sigh* I want to be Maggie when I grow up.

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

LOL, Terrio. Maybe I want to be YOU! Sounds like you have a full plate of fun ahead.

Santa,I'm so jealous you're going to Dallas. I remeber my driving days. We had a Toyota van (with a mini-fridge!) so everybody had their own seat far away from each other.

Janga,I'm jealous of you, too. Three days a week! Right now I actually only work 4 1/2 days a week but it feels like eight.

Anne,you sweetheart. I'm glad you're having fun visiting, because I'm having fun blogging!

MistyJo said...

I've been looking forward to summer, but now that it is here, I'm not only stressed with filling out applications and mailing resumes, I noticed last night that I'm...well...BORED! It's a shock. I'm never bored, but I am right now for some unknown reason. Maybe it has to do with lack of drama in my life. For the past few days, it's been quiet, which is highly unusual. I'm so bored that I'm writing, or at least trying to write. I guess that's my plans for the summer. I going to try to write some short stories about family members. *evil grin*

Hellie Sinclair said...

Virginia! My ancestors hailed from there once upon a time...so maybe I'll run into a cousin to date. God knows I'm tripping over them at the laundry mat here.

Terri Osburn said...

Hellion - I told you there was an Amish furniture store on the boulevard. It's right down from the adult toy store so we can knock out all the shopping in one day. LOL!

Maggie - you so don't want to be me. Even I don't want to be me! How about we all be Janga? Sounds like a plan.

Jackie Barbosa said...

I envy you your summer off, Maggie. I am still working the day job, even though I have two kids home full-time and the other home part-time. And the day job is typically a little hectic in the summer because I'm always preparing presentations for our company's conference just after Labor Day. (It really does seem like Labor Day when all is said and done!)

I'm still taking some time off, though. My husband got a wild hair about a week and a half ago and proposed we take a trip somewhere at the end of this month. After looking into going to the Pacific Northwest or visiting my extended family in Minnesota, we settled on the Minnesota trip. (Oddly, it was cheaper to fly to Minneapolis from San Diego than to Seattle and, since we have a place to bunk down, it was just all around cheaper. Plus, my kids, who don't have a living grandfather nearby, really adore my uncle as a kind of surrograte granddad.)

So, we're taking off next Tuesday and returning on the 5th of July. Should be nice and relaxing, although I don't expect to get much writing done.

Which is kind of a bummer because I'm also going to National (Santa, you have to tell us how to FIND you there; surely that's not going to be the name on your badge :->!) and I'd love to be further into writing the second WIP by then than I will be after taking 9 days off!

Anyway, enjoy the long, lazy days of summer and know that I'll be envying them!

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

Jacq, I think Santa's name IS actually Santa...it means saint and we all know that's so true! Have a wonderful trip.

Misty Jo, you're so bored you came here---I love it! Glad to see you again, and good luck with the jobhunting.

Hellion, I shudder to think what trouble you and Terrio are going to get into in Virginia. Our best friends live there, and he's an attorney. Let me know if you need his number.

MistyJo said...

LOL! Maggie, my boredom didn't bring me to your blog. You're fun, and I enjoy checking in...even if I sometimes lurk.

It's my husband who smiles when I'm bored. ;-) I know...TMI!

Erica Ridley said...

I'm hoping to finish my latest WIP this summer, as well as get back from Costa Rica in time to attend RWA National, and get home from that in time to have some flavor of bridal shower and/or bachelorette shenanigans, and following that... tie the knot.


santasmbslt said...

Um, Maggie's right. My name really is Santa, though the halo's a bit askew these days.

Is it freaky that I'm excited about Terri's get together and I'm not even going to be there! I plan to live vicariously through Terri et al. I would definitely forward that lawyer's name and number. More importantly, is he single?

Congrats to Erika! So glad to hear you're taking it easy this summer! *w*

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

Aw, Santa, I've got some Ajax for that halo.

MJ, don't be a lurker! That's just wrong. And it's exciting that you're writing!

Erica, what are you going to do with all your spare time, LOL? Best of luck with your two new blog ventures!

lacey kaye said...

This sounds awesome. Be careful!