Friday, August 24, 2007

The End

…of freedom. The summer season will end officially for me on Monday, August 27 when I sit in the high school auditorium and listen to a bunch of people who probably don’t want to be there either. I got the agenda in the mail the other day, and my school e-mail account is filling up with rules and regs for the new school year. Boo.

I shouldn’t whine. I had a great summer with plenty of days in the sunshine and in the gloom of my writing room. I finished two novellas and worked quite a bit on Paradise. Entered two writing contests. Got a clean bill of health from my doctor. Joined RWA. Bought cute sandals. Got a fabulous rejection letter. My husband and I went on two trips, and we will spend Labor Day weekend at Daughter # 2’s, where we will see Daughter #3, drink, eat lobster and dip in the pool and hot tub. Ah, the good life.

Like most people who work in a school system, I think of the new year starting in September rather than January, so it’s time for some resolutions. #1 on my list is to finish Paradise by December. Totally doable---only 20,000 words to go. Next on the agenda? After the dreaded synopsis and query letter, that is. This is where I need your help. Should I sleep with someone new? Pull the guy out from under the bed and work him over? Pick up the short guy and a couple of others and have a ménage a trois?

Just don’t tell my husband.

What was the highlight of your summer? What's lined up for your school year?

As imperceptibly as Grief
The Summer lapsed away~Emily Dickinson


Beverley Kendall said...

Hmm, Nationals had to be the highlight (and completing my second novel if I can beat the Sept 21 or 22nd deadline on summer). Starting my third novel is what I'm excited about for the fall.
Queries and synopses I don't dread anymore. I don't even hate revisions. I actually think I enjoy them now!

Keira Soleore said...

Yeee Haaaaa! School year is finally here!!

This was the best summer in recent years. And all because of this single event last five days in the middle of July in Dallas.

RevMelinda said...

I'm trying to post a link and not having any success!

My favorite summer day ended with a perfect sunset on the Oregon coast (trying again with the link to the photo!):

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

Yeah, RevM, Blogger is weird tonight. This is your Only Connect blog, yes? Which can be accessed under my links. So everybody go look at the sunset!

Beverley, I've been revising lately and have discovered it's not totally awful too! Good for you with all those books! Are you planning to go to SF? I'm hoping to.

Keira, those of you with schoolage children---stop the giddiness! i actually bumped into one of my girls from my teen reading group and she said she was bored and couldn't wait for school to start. Me, I could wait. :)

Beverley Kendall said...

Well Maggie,

I plan on going to SF. I'm doing two this year and I plan to do two next year also. It depends though if I can get someone to take my son for those days next year though. That will be the big thing! I'm hoping though, to have two more complete novels by then. I hope you're there too!

pjpuppymom said...

The highlight of my summer? Cleaning out my closets and files and holding three successful yard sales. That should tell you something about my summer. lol

My fall should be much more exciting. It includes a trip to New York City with girlfriends, a trip to Indiana/Michigan to visit family and friends and, if I'm very lucky, selling my house and moving!


Atherley said...

So it IS the end. Nearly. I too have been programmed to think of the new year as starting in September instead of January. The summer wasn't a total loss. I started two novellas, finished a third, introduced a round-robin (which isn't going anywhere, alas!), and found myself in a scholarly debate, with a music critic, that's led to a Regency mystery. Now THIS book is definitely different! Sorry, no, it's not being blogged because it's a bit of a collaboration. But I'll let you know about it down the road!

Oh, how I envy everybody going back to school! If ONLY I had thrown myself on the teaching career track with a Ph.D.!

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

PJ, I moved last summer. They're going to have to carry me out of this house in a coffin. Did the whole yard sale/clean-out thing, but I still have too much junk! Have fun on your trips.

Anne,your creative genius is scary---you don't need a Ph.D. :)

Atherley said...

Oh! Thank you so much for that vote of confidence, Maggie. Maybe one day I'll find the nerve to join RWA, too!

Ericka Scott said...

And here I am counting the days till my little ones go off to preschool and I have FREEDOM!

Sorry the fall means the opposite for you.

I think you should pull out the short guy and have a menage! wink, wink

Terri Osburn said...

I had a pretty good summer but I'm more than happy to have my child back where she belongs. Her adorable snoring last night just made everything right.

This summer I joined RWA, worked on the WIP, did some casual dating and had the best time with two wonderful internet friends. We have another week before school starts here but I'm ready for everything to get back to normal.

And I'm so looking forward to San Fran next year. I'm attending the NJ conference in October as a sort of warm up. But by next summer I should have at least one if not two books to pitch and I'm really excited. Though I think I'm more excited to meet all my internet friends!

BernardL said...

What was the highlight of your summer?

Making it across the monkey bars at the park on a dare from my five year old grandson without pulling something in my back out. :)

What's lined up for your school year?

Carefully avoiding dares from my school bound grandson when visiting. :)

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

Bernard, you are a better man than I! Or should I say monkey?

Terri, I know what a great summer you had, and it's even better now with your daughter home! You'll have to report on NJ.

Ericka, those short guys still have a bit of life to them, I think. I wrote them first when I didn't know there was a word count feature on the computer...I've come a long way! :)

Elyssa Papa said...

I always thought of September as the start of a year too especially working in Education. It's going to be this weird to not return but at the same time, I'm so happy about it because I really didn't like it. Hopefully, I'll get that job.

And even more hopefully, I hope to land an agent and sell the book.

But this summer, especially these past few weeks has been such a great time with developing more friendships and reading some great finished manuscripts!

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

Right back at you, Ely! And good luck with the job hunt...your Maine mom.

Tessa Dare said...

I don't even know how to describe my summer - RWA was awesome, as was our family vacation; I got an agent; my little boy turned 1.

I hope you do finish Paradise, and soon! I want to read it!

Janga said...

Well,this summer I retired--sort of. I retired from a full-time job, and now I have begun the semester teaching parttime at a different institution. I also finished five articles, spent lots of time with the Grands, and wrote way less than I planned on my wip.

My goals for Fall include finishing a book by December 31, completing 25 articles on global warming by October 1(God help me!), and reaching January 1, 2008 alive and relatively sane.

And, Maggie, where are the bubbly and the ballooons? Or is that another blog?

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

Janga, you jinx. Shh. And my next blog is a contest, so come back on should be tons of fun if you all cooperate (that sounds funny). We all want to finish a book by Dec. 31!

Tessa, I'd say you had a very superior sort of summer. ;)