Thursday, September 27, 2007

Date Night

It’s official. It’s fall. The leaves are turning and falling here, and we’ve even had the heat on at night, despite the fact that it was it was an uncomfortable 91 degrees yesterday. The end of summer always makes me nostalgic for convertible nights. Not especially for my old college boyfriend, but for his sea-ish green Karmann Ghia. I remember lots of nights driving with the top down out to the beach or to an ice cream place. Our dates were very uncomplicated and pretty cheap. Maybe a movie---one with subtitles if we were feeling especially artsy---or just a drive to nowhere, listening to the radio and debating the meaning of life. Nowadays, gas costs too much, and the meaning of life is as elusive as ever.

My old beau is long-gone, and my husband and I have gone through a couple of convertibles ourselves. When we moved to our current town, we decided every Thursday night was going to be our date night. One of our sons-in-law owns a sports bar, and our daughter worked there one day a week, Thirsty Thursday, of course. How fun, we thought. Grab a burger, have a beer, see them both. I don’t even think we made it there half-a-dozen times all year. We’re just too comfy at home.

How do you like your heroes and heroines to mix and match up? Do you do a date night with your mate? What was your favorite date/hangout growing up? I used to love going to Vesuvio’s Pizza Parlor. If you sat in the booth long enough, just about everybody in town came in. There were some great diners around, too. I’m glad I grew up in a time where I could just hang out with a root beer instead of dancing the quadrille--- kind of like Happy Days, but without the Fonz and the laugh track...and of course we were discussing existentialism.


Terri Osburn said...

This is where I can't play along. I never dated in HS. Never dated in college. I partied in college - I was naive and overweight but I wasn't dead - but no long talks about existentialism in my history. Or present for that matter.

I like my h/h's to go out but I think they really get to know each other when they stay in. When they see each other in their element. IMO you can do so much more with a scene involving the h/h cooking together at home than you can with them sitting across from each other in a fancy restaurant.

Tiffany Clare said...

Date nights are smart, I have a friend that has done it for about ten years without fail. I think it's worked wonders for her marriage. I might think it a good idea for myself, but I got no where to send the kids.

I'm a laze around home, unsocial person, my h/h have a better time connecting when they don't have external distraction of noisy ballrooms, and so on.

I'm a homebody, therefore my characters seem to be homebodies.

BernardL said...

I usually match an independent tough up with another independent tough; because in real life, when Casper Milquetoast gets matched up with Xena the Warrior Princess, it usually ends in misery. :) We don't do date night, but we do walk and talk. When I was a teen, I hung out at the bowling alley or the Hot Dog Shoppe; where as you said, most everyone I knew would come by. Although we didn’t know what it meant anyway, we were happily not discussing existentialism. :)

Santa said...

Didn't date in high school and since my DH and I went to the same college we really didn't date then either.

In our PK days my DH and I would have date night. Tuesdays at the local movie theater - dollar nights. However, it became clear that we couldn't really call it a date night since, more often than not, we'd end up in separate theaters! Ah, good times.

My h/h mix it up with family and friends. After all there's a street faire going on and a restaurant opening! Mixing it up of another kind also takes place sanz family and friends...'natch!

Janga said...

Ah, Maggie, I have fond memories of a Karmann Ghia cabriolet too-only this one was bright red, and I was in college. I have even fonder memories of a 1956 Chevy Belair convertible. I was in high school, it was a cool car (although not new--I'm not that old), and he was a charming jerk. I figured out the first part ten seconds after I met him at his cousin's bithday party; it took me three years to realize the second part.

From high school I remember football games and teen club dances on Fridays, parties or crusing all the drive-ins (the food kind we had before the chains) on a couple of dollars of gas, and church on Sunday nights with Dairy Queen visits afterwards.

My H/H go out to dinner and to one very swanky party, but mostly they hang out with family and friends for cookouts, picnics, and potlucks. The latter is my writing what I know, :)

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

Terrio, your guys are cooking together in more ways than one!

Tiff, I'd babysit, but I'm too far away. I remember the days when my husband and I would go to see a new movie. We lived in the country, had to drive two hours round trip, have dinner, pay the would cost almost 100 bucks when it was all over.

Bernard, I like the walking and talking idea. We'd get hit by a pulp truck on our road, though. :(

Santa, yeah, my husband and I never want to see the same movies...altho he did like the Devil Wears Prada, which amazed me.

Janga, we have LOTS in common, only in NY it wasn't Dairy Queen but Carvel. I thought I was so sophisticated cause I'd order chocolate w/ strawberry sauce.

Gillian Layne said...

Hubby and I grab date nights once in a blue moon. We never plan, because something always comes up. He is really smart, however, because he does insist on lunches every so often, and they are nice and quiet, with the kids conveniently tucked away at school.

irisheyes said...

I, too, never dated in HS. I was really drawn to all the movies and TV shows that depicted the whole teenage life experience. I think I still am! LOL I use to dream of belonging to a huge group of friends that would hang out together and pair off - go on dates, footballs games, proms, etc. Didn't happen.

There is this scene in SEP's Heaven Texas where Bobby Tom takes Gracie out on a good old fashioned date cause she never experienced that as a kid. That whole scene gets me every time. The DH did sort of the same thing for me when we started dating - took me to a drive-in, did all the kooky teenage stuff (yawning to put his hand around my shoulders, made out a little, claimed to run out of gas). A night I'll never forget. There is something really elemental about wanting to experience what all your peers are, especially when you're a teenager!

I do, however, do the date night thing with hubby. Although, after our last try I may have to put it on hold for a while. I put him in charge of the movie and he got Anchorman with Will Farrell. I could have killed him! The worst part about it is that I'm still suffering for it cause he thought the movie was so funny he keeps using the lines from it and I'm about ready to hit him over the head with a nice skillet!

Elyssa Papa said...

I'm a homebody like Tiff.

I never dated in high school or college either. Wasted youth.

I think date nights are smart but my date night would consist of take out and a DVD. *g*