Sunday, September 30, 2007

Film Fun

This week’s US magazine caught my eye because of the shameless exploitation of poor Britney’s poor toddlers, but it was worth the purchase price. I read “US Picks the 20 Most Romantic DVDs.” I am such a sucker for lists, and I was curious to see if I had been swept away in a swoon by the magazine’s choices. I’ve seen most of the movies mentioned and bits of others channel-surfing; the ones I haven’t will probably remain unwatched. How about you? Any romantic movies to add to the list?

1. Four Weddings and a Funeral (Seen it a million times. Would watch it a million more.)
2. Pretty Woman (Yes. Love the Rodeo Drive comeuppance scene.)
3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Sorry, no and probably never.)
4. Casablanca (From the time I was at my mother’s knee. A guilty repeated pleasure.)
5. Dirty Dancing (My girls and I can recite whole chunks of dialog. Nobody puts Baby in a corner.)
6. Moonstruck (Yes, but wouldn’t really want to see it again. Not a fan of Nicolas Cage, although I liked Cher saying, “Get over it!”)
7. Jerry Maguire (Yes. And I don’t like Tom Cruise, but I’d probably watch it again if I had to.)
8. Annie Hall (Yes, but no interest in seeing it again.)
9. Sleepless in Seattle (Oh, yes. Love it every time. So sweet. Love Meg Ryan’s apartment.)
10. The Notebook (I confess I haven’t seen every minute, but I sure cried enough anyway. Even my manly husband was moved.)
11. Before Sunrise/Before Sunset (Snippets only. And the snack does not make me crave the full meal)
12. Out of Sight (Snippets. I’d watch it all if I came across it. Yum. George.)
13. Pride & Prejudice (The new one. Loved it.)
14. Ghost (Pass the Kleenex. A staple of my girls’ youth.)
15. A Room with a View (Strangely, I don’t believe I saw this. 1985 must have been a busy year.)
16. Notting Hill (Love it. One of my favorite movies ever. Horse and Hound. Snicker.)
17. The Way We Were (Yes. Why, why, why couldn’t they work it out?)
18. Finding Neverland (No. Don’t beat me, but Johnny Depp leaves me completely cold. Sorry, Hellion.)
19. Say Anything (Yes. I’d like to see it again, too.)
20. Knocked Up (No, not yet.)

True love stories never have endings. ~Richard Bach


Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

As an odd coincidence, Daughter #3 called from Boston this morning to complain that she had just watched "The Way We Were" and said how much it sucked! I told her it was in this top 20 and she disagreed vociferously. Then we decided as much as we both loved "Sleepless in Seattle," Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan don't get together until the very last scene, so how can it be a romance? We are both fussy film fanatics now.

BernardL said...

I'm surprised the 1968 movie version of Romeo and Juliet is not on the list. It was one of the most touching movies I've ever seen, and the best rendering of Shakespeare on film. I guess I've outlived pop culture. :)

RevMelinda said...

Yes! The 1968 Romeo and Juliet definitely should go on the list. And I would also add:

Crossing Delancey--sometimes a pickle salesman is more romantic than a poet.

Love Actually--"Let's go get the shit kicked out of us by love!" Plus it has Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Alan Rickman, AND Liam Neeson all in the same movie. . . sigh.

And Maggie, if you haven't seen A Room With A View--oh, you must! (Besides the lovely romance, there's a naked men prancing through the woods scene.)

Santa said...

Great list!

What about 'Persuasion'(just to hear that letter read at the end....sigh), 'The Incredible Lightness of Being' with Daniel Day Lewis, 'French Kiss', 'You've Got Mail'(sweet Meg Ryan before someone told her she had to change her image - idiots)....otherwise the list is pretty good. It should include 'Love Actually'. Not sure about 'The Way We Were'.

I can't say I've seen some of the more recent ones like 'Neverland' but then I don't get out much anymore.

Anonymous said...

How about The African Queen? Love that movie -- Kate and Bogart... need I say more?
The Holiday with Cameron and Jude is my new romantic movie favorite.

As for The Way We Were - it seems Robert Redford is always in romantic movies where the H&H never end up together - the list includes, The Way We Were,Up Close and Personal, Out of Africa and The Horse Whisperer - what up with that?

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

Oh, people, all good recs! I too think Love Actually is a wonderful movie; it's another one I could (and have) watched again and again. There are too many memorable scenes in it to cite, but I particularly love Colin Firth's fractured Portuguese.

Bernard and RevM, the high school library I work in has that Romeo and Juliet version, which is checked out very regularly by the English department, so a new generation of romantics is being created.

Santa, I liked Meg when she was America's sweetheart. Guess she wasn't happy tho.

Marisa, I LOVE the African Queen! So great that these cranky middle-aged people find each other. I saw The Holiday on my holdiday this summer, and it was almost cute enough to get me over Jude Law's nanny situation. Love when Kate Winslet bounced on the bed.

BernardL said...

On a lighter note, I agree with your daughter #3. When my date and I emerged from the theater after seeing 'The Way We Were', we broke up. :) That movie, to me, was stunningly awful.

Anonymous said...

How about "A Princess Bride"? "As you wiiiiiiiiish..."

Janga said...

Some great movies--both on the orginal list and the additions. What else would I include? Sabrina (the original with Audrey Hepburn), Hope Floats, The Lake House, It's a Wonderful Life. I'd also add an atypical romance that has one of my favorite romantic speeches ever: On Golden Pond, Ethel's lines: "Listen to me, mister. You're my knight in shining armor. Don't forget it. You're going to get back on that horse and I'm going to be right behind you, holding on tight and away we're going to go, go, go."

Hellie Sinclair said...

I loved Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. But it could have been 'where I was in my life at the time'. I had this guy I couldn't get over--and well, the movie was particularly meaningful to me in that "God, I'd love to erase him from my existence."

I loved Finding Neverland--but I love Kate Winslet, as well as Johnny. (I don't love Johnny in everything, if that's any kind of reassurance.) And generally if I'm going to be marooned, I specific Captain Jack rather than Johnny Depp. If I'm going to maroon myself with someone out of character, it'd be Orlando Bloom.

P&P rocked. The Notebook makes me cry...I usually stop playing it around the time she "remembers" and start the movie over again so I can see the good parts.

Love Actually is a great choice!

And It's A Wonderful Life. *LOL* When he's got her dressing gown. *LOL*

Tessa Dare said...

You haven't seen A Room with a View??

Oh, Maggie. You must see that. Like tonight. As RevMel says, full-frontal nudity. And Florence. Who wouldn't fall in love in Florence?

Chalk me up as one more Love, Actually fan. And I *could* (and have) watch Moonstruck over and over.

irisheyes said...

I've seen 15 of the twenty listed. I absolutely love 4 Weddings and a Funeral and own it! I whole heartedly agree with Love Actually, Crossing Delancey (a very sweet and not well known gem), Persuasion, Sabrina.

I would add Sense and Sensibility, Ever After, A Walk In The Clouds, The Sure Thing, While You Were Sleeping.

I also agree about The Way We Were and Sleepless in Seattle. I didn't care for The Way We Were and Sleepless in Seattle was cute but I don't know that I'd call it a typical romance.

Gillian Layne said...

Love Actually rocked, although I hated seeing Alan Rickman play the jerk.

The Holiday--it's wonderful, and it made me laugh as well.

People Will Talk--I watch it over and over. Cary Grant makes me melt.

Shining Through, with Melanie Griffith and Micheal Douglas. It's SO romantic, set against WWII, with impossible decisions and the scene at the end, where he saves her...

What a great blog, Maggie!

Terri Osburn said...

I have to agree with everyone. I've seen most of the ones on the list. No Gone With The Wind? I guess it falls into the "with romantic elements" category.

The Way We Were broke my heart. How about Out of Africa. I love that movie! And yet another with Redford and no HEA (though it's based on a true story so I guess it gets a pass).

Can we throw in only half a movie? LOL! How about the first half of Titanic?

Santa said...

I love 'Hope Floats' (Hello Harry!)which brings to mind 'While You Were Sleeping'.

And 'It's A Wonderful Life' when Mary is on the phone with Sam and George is there and she calls him to the phone and they move closer together and he bends his head to hers and inhales and brushes his lips on her hair and all that in a Capra film! Sorry, I got a bit carried away there!

Elyssa Papa said...

Or what about It Happened One Night? I love that movie.

Or It Started with Eve about a poor girl who pretends to be a rich guy's fiancee to appease his dying father? I love that movie and the scene where the rich guy chases the poor girl around the room, toppling over furniture.

I saw this list, too - and I wondered why there were so many movies on it with sad endings? Neverland, she dies. Titanic, he dies. The Way We Were, they break up (and that ending still pisses me off!).

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

Ely, I wondered why there weren't more "classic" or screwball black and white romantic comedies on the list, because I like to laugh/love at the same time.

Santa, isn't it great to get carried away? *wink*

Tessa, okay, okay. If we ever subscribe to Netflix, A Room with a View it will be. Does it count that I read the book? At least I think I did.

Janga, anything with Audrey Hepburn is a winner. Roman Holiday! Gosh, Gregory Peck is a good romantic hero.

Anon, the Princess Bride is so wonderful on so many levels. It really is a movie with everything, and Robin Wright Penn is so lovely.

Hellion, glad I can be Depp-less and still have you visit!

Gillian, I love watching anything Cary Grant was in. I could watch Bringing up Baby just about once a week.

Irish, you mentioned a couple I'll have to check out. This blog has been great for giving me ideas on how to spend any free time I maight have (hah!).

Terrio, you have a point about "half a movie." There are so many that start off well and get derailed toward the end...but maybe that's my ADD talking. I can't sit still and passively watch anything for too long, although I can read for hours--no, days.

Bernard, my worst break-up story (maybe I should save it for another blog)---I broke up with a guy because he didn't like the Beatles!!!

Beverley Kendall said...

Can I add a romantic Comedy: When Harry Met Sally. One of my all-time favourites.

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...


John Robinson said...

How about Hanover Street with the lovely Leslie Anne Downe? It doesn't get any better when she flashes her "chubby" thighs.