Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Have You Ever...

I am a (somewhat) mature woman, and I have never had a martini, dirty or clean. Hard to believe. This is not to say I’ve never indulged in other liquid libation, but no martinis, appletinis, whatevertinis. I’ve never played a drinking game, either.

College kids today (and probably middle-schoolers for all I know) play “Have you ever…?”

Here are the rules, from

A group of people sit around in circle with a shot glass in front of them. The bottle of drink sits in the middle of the group. The players elect someone to go first. They must think of a question for the other players to answer. They question could be, "Have you ever gotten arrested?" All the players that have been must take a shot of the drink.
Each player takes a turn in asking questions. It's played until someone is rather drunk. Each question must start with "have you ever". If the person doesn't start the question with that then they must drink.

I thought we’d play a virtual round of this, in the wild, week-long celebration of Maggie Robinson Means Romance’s first anniversary. Yes, on December 31, 2006, I ventured very tepidly into the Blogosphere. In my first of 88 posts, I pledged to finish my WIP, which I did (and several other projects besides) and said something or other about Oscar Wilde.

It turned out to be a pretty good writing year. The Vanettes (an offshoot of the Romance Vagabonds) have provided terrific online support and friendship. I joined RWA and got my PRO pin. Third-Rate Romance was requested in full and is languishing on an editor’s desk in New York. I finaled in the Southern Heat contest with Waking Beauty. I got this fabulous rejection letter from Samhain’s Angela James: “I wanted to tell you that I think you have a wonderful author voice and that I see great potential for it… I think your voice is strong enough that you will have no trouble eventually finding publication, even if not with this book, and I hope you will consider Samhain for future submissions.” From her fingertips to God’s ear. So Happy Anniversary to me and Happy New Year to you! More of the same!

On to the fun and games. The first poster can answer the question below, then post their own. Second poster answers that, then asks, etc. You don’t have to answer truthfully---we’ll never know if you’re lying. *g* Ask as many questions as you like. We’ll do this until New Year’s Day, when a randomly selected player wins a new copy of one of my favorite books of 2007, The Rules of Gentility by Janet Mullany and other good stuff!

What does a drinking game have to do with romance, you ask? Well, I have my heroes swilling brandy by the barrel, a very acceptable way to show male torment in romance novels. But drunk guys are so not hot. Drinking should probably be poured into the romance glass with a light hand, and now I’m off to think of another way to torture my men. Any suggestions?

Off the soapbox and into the Boxster. Have you ever made love in a car? (I’m drinking my virtual martini now.)


Quantumphase said...

Absolutely not!
But if we are including a pick-up..well that's a different matter. *g*

Have you ever bowled a maiden over?

MsHellion said...

*LOL, takes a drink, one for pick up, one for car* Damn, I'm trampy...or I date men too poor to rent hotels.

Have you ever had a one-night stand?

PJ said...

Nope on the one-night stand.

Have you ever gone skinny dipping?

Quantumphase said...

*LOL* It takes many nights to probe my hidden depths. * raises a glass* A toast dear Hellion, "to lovers everywhere."

Have you ever been spanked or reprimanded by a lover?

TiffinaC said...

Q, what a naughty boy, asking questions like that *w*

Maggie, I've never had a martini either, can't drink any of the alcohol's! Though I have a bottle of the green fairy sitting in my kitchen!

And Maggie, it's been a great year of your blogs 'raises a glass' to many more years.

Thank God I don't have to answer all these q's... I'd be drunk to boot...

Have you ever had sex in a public park?

Santa said...

Well, I'll raise a glass to Maggie's fabulous blog and to three of the five questions asked so far....I'm just not sayin' which!*w*

Have you ever had sex on the beach? (and I don't just mean the drink!)

I guess that means one more drink for me and at this point I can't feel my nose.*G*

terrio said...

I'm taking 2 drinks and following suit with Santa and keeping the details to myself.

Never had a martini either but maybe I'll make it a resolution to try one in '08.

Have you ever changed the back exit to an entrance? (Prettiest way I could think to ask that...LOL!)

Quantumphase said...

Terri, from my astronomy lectures, black holes are to be were thinking about stars?

Gee I'm stone sober now!

Have you ever shared a pizza in bed?

Maggie Robinson said...

Yikes. I wake up to a bunch of drunk perverts. THANKS SO MUCH FOR PLAYING, SERIOUSLY! Wasn't quite sure how this would work. :) No to the pizza. I don't eat anything in bed. Wait, that doesn't sound quite right. New question: Have you ever pretended to be someone you're not?

terrio said...

I love pizza so I'm sure I've eaten it in bed. *takes sip of coffee* What? It's not even 9am!

Have you ever eaten octopus? (Ick!)

Janga said...

I feel like a nun at a rakes and rakettes party. LOL! I have had one drink, maybe two--depending on defintions.

Have you ever fantasized your partner was someone else at The Moment?

Tessa Dare said...

Uh, with seven yes's already, I'm fair drunk. What can I say, I'm a cheap date! Yes to octopus, no to martini, and for the rest you'll have to give me more than phantom alcohol... or catch me on a Tuesday. :)

I've played a variation of this game before (with candy as a icebreaker for teen groups), but called it "I have never..." The player starts with "I have never..." (as in "I have never done it in a public park, Tiff!" and then anyone who has done it in a public park (ahem, TIFF!) must hand me a piece of their candy. The cool thing about it is it encourages people to come up with things that set them apart from the crowd.

I'll come up with a question's early over here, and I'm drawing a blank.

irisheyes said...

Okay, I have to take two drinks and that's definitely enough to have me dancing on the tables or passed out cold under the tables! And I'm taking the fifth on which two questions got me so drunk! LOL

Have you ever made love with a crowd nearby (a la the famous making love in an alcove at Almacks while the ball is in progress)?

Gillian Layne said...

Congrats on the anniversary, Maggie!

I'm pleading the fifth on the rest of this :)

Maggie Robinson said...

Gillian, I'm DRINKING the fifth at this rate. Hmm. A crowd scene. Have to say no. Have you ever lied to someone you've loved?

terrio said...

Does faking it count?

Santa said...

Terri! My but you have a way with words! Yes to the crowd scene if you count the rocks along the Hudson with a party boat sailing, wait that was my roommate's story...or was it?*w*

Dang, I've been winking so much I fear I've developed a tick.

And, Terri, faking it always counts. Here's at least two more shots for me. Schnapps, anyone?

terrio said...

Well, if faking it counts, then you better pass me some big bottles.

Ever gotten caught in *the moment* by your parents? How about your kids?

Maggie Robinson said...

Yes to both. Oh, the shame. Over here, barkeep. Have you ever hooked up with a friend?

Elyssa Papa said...

Hmmm... does a friend of a friend count?

Have you ever kissed a man and thought that it was like kissing a lizard?


terrio said...

Two drinks here.

Ever batted for your own team?

Maggie Robinson said...

Jeez, Terrio, I have to say I suck at sports---softball, basketball, soccer, you name it. ;)

Have you ever made a list of all the guys you've kissed?

Elyssa Papa said...


Have you ever looked at that same list and wondered what the hell you were thinking?

terrio said...

Have you ever tried to make that list and couldn't remember all the names?

*pointed look at Hellion*


Santa said...

Are we still using shot glasses or are we swigging it?

Have you ever made out with a man and told your boyfriend who, unbeknownst to you, was going ring shopping that week?

Knocking back two more.

Quantumphase said...

I've been busy partying over here, and missing a riot of fun American style!
Lets see if I can catch up. I'm only answering selected questions though *g*

Janga said: Have you ever fantasised your partner was someone else at The Moment?
At THE MOMENT I am way beyond fantasising.....sips some orange juice to cool down.

Irish said: Have you ever made love with a crowd nearby?
While fantasising about my partner during a passionate kiss in Trafalgar square, a banana skin landed on my head.... Absolutely true!....I married her a little later on.

Gillian: pleads the fifth amendment.
Hey, thats not the game please!

Maggie: Have you ever lied to someone you've loved?
Only little white lies..when to mutual advantage *w*

Terri: Does faking it count?
Careful, you can't fake it with a scientist....there are tests. We have ways to make you talk *g*

Terri: Ever batted for your own team?
I can't resist a cricket lover. I used to open for my own team!

While held in a passionate embrace, has anything embarrassing happened to a banana skin descending from above?

TiffinaC said...

Irish... what a question.... I can't answer that with a straight face, so I plead the fifth...

And thank god you aren't pointing at me terri... And I'm afraid someone needs to ask a question I can say no to... *g*

have you ever called your lover by the wrong name... there I can say no to that.... lol

TiffinaC said...

And Q... a banana? and what were you fantasising about?

Maggie Robinson said...

We obviously have to get Q over to Tessa's TMI Tuesdays. I want to know more. I haven't called anybody by the wrong name, but I confess I once FORGOT a name once when this guy came to pick me up and I drew a complete blank trying to introduce him. And that was when I was young. Forget names all the time now.

Have you ever done "it" in the water/hot tub/shower? See, I'm trying to keep this clean.

TiffinaC said...

yeah, squeaky clean... LOL! yes yes and yes...

Have you ever used food in certain anatomical regions? oh, sorry, I'm messing up the place again...

terrio said...

In response to Q's q - does my puppy trying to save me during *it* count? LOL!

Never used the wrong name nor forgotten one. Thank heaven for that.

Yes to the shower. *shoots a shot* No to the food - I think. Surely I'd remember that, right?

Have you ever fudged the number when you've been asked how many are in your past?

MsHellion said...

HEY, it's not that I didn't REMEMBER their names, in some cases I just didn't bother GETTING their names. There is a difference, you know.

Angela said...

Okay, here goes..
Ever made love in a car? Yes!, And, in a truck.
Ever bowled a maiden over? Ugh, no!I don't know what question means.
One night stand? No
Skinny dipping? Hell no!
Spanked or reprimanded? What a question! Do I have the right to plead the fifth? Te he! The answer, of course, is yes.
Sex in public park? No.
Sex on the beach? Good god no!
Back exit, to front entrance? Oh my! Shame on you guys! I would not have thought anyone would be brave enough to ask this. The answer is *cough* yes, *cough*
Pizza in bed? Yes, I eat anything in bed, I don't care. I sure do love pizza!
Pretended to be someone you're not? In life, no! But, in bed? That's another story, hell yes! It's fun, you should try it.
Ever eaten octopus? Ugh, no! I hate seafood of any kind.
Ever fantasized your partner was someone else..? Yes! My hubby loves it! He encourages it. (Role playing anyone?)
Made love with crowd nearby? No, I can't say that I have, even I am not that adventurous.
Ever lied to someone you loved? Actually, yes, my grandma, when little, I let my sister take the blame for something she did not do. I'll regret that for the rest of my life. Now, I'm with Q on the subject, I only tell little white lies, to my hubby, sparing feelings.. "Do I look fat?" the answer is always no!
Ever got caught by parents, kids, etc? No, thank god! Came close once though, by my dad when hubby and I first started dating. When it comes to the kiddies, that is what the lock on our bedroom door is for!
Ever hooked up with a friend? Yes!.. My hubby and I were friends before we even started dating. And, now, we will hook up forever more, Aww!
Ever kissed a man, and it was like..? No, thank god! I guess I have been extra lucky.
Ever batted for your own team? Funny question!, and the answer is hell no!(But, in the words of Jerry Seinfeld, not that there's anything wrong with that.)
Ever made a list of men you've kissed? No, not unless mental lists count, I remember all their faces. I do so love making lists!
Ever looked at list, and wondered what the hell..? That would be a resounding no!I don't have any regrets on that front.. The road not taken and all..
Ever tried to make that list and not remember names? Yes, I don't remember the boy next door's name, I was only five after all! I don't remember the boy's name I dated briefly before stepping foot into high school, I only remember that he was the friend of my cousin's boyfriend, they hooked us up.
After that, I remember all of their names.
Ever made out with man, and told your boyfriend...? No, that sounds like cheating, and I don't do that!
Ever, while in a passionate embrace, have anything embarrassing..? No!, Q, your life sounds like a romantic comedy!
Ever called your lover by the wrong name? No, not out loud, But, my hubby wishes me to. He's weird and kinky! Wink! I have many different, imaginative characters running through my head, I am a writer, after all!
Ever done "it" in water/hot tub/ shower? Oh my! Such questions. Do I have to answer this?.. If you have any intuition at all, you'll know my answer before I type it.. The answer is yes, yes, and yes! You should try the hot tub, it is rather fun!
Ever used food in anatomically strategic areas? No, but, my hubby has! wink! wink! Have I mentioned that he is a pervert? He! He!
Ever fudged the number when you have been asked how many..? No, no one has ever asked me that, and I don't feel the need to lie, I would answer honestly. If you mean sexually, that is easy, only one! My hubby.
Anywho, here is my question..
Have you ever been in a threesome? And, no, vibrators don't count! He!He!

terrio said...

Now that I feel enlightened, boring and like a terrible under-achiever, I can answer NO to that one. LOL!

Have you ever been initiated into the mile high club?

Angela said...

Ever been initiated into the mile high club? No. I have never been on a plane, my hubby is terrified of flying, What a shame!

Angela said...

I forgot to answer my own question.. Have I ever had a threesome? No, but, again, my hubby encourages it, but, I say no! Thou shalt not commit adultery, and I consider that cheating!

Maggie Robinson said...

Whoa, Angela. I'm drunk just reading your list! You're a high-flying free spirit, even if you've never been on a plane! Terrio, you and I will snuggle up in the boring corner, although that might cause talk and will be grounds for another probing question.

Have you ever watched a movie to get in the mood (and if so, what was it?)?

Quantumphase said...

You mean people actually do 'IT' on planes? I learn something new everyday!

AND Angel, I'm surprised at you...Oh my gosh!

Maggie, with the right person I am always in the mood...she says I'm insatiable. *g*

Though I have been known to watch the children's classic 'ballet shoes'...always makes me want to cry! *w*

quantumphase said...

Darn it, I'm losing my grip...Angel and Terri and Maggie and Tiff all together! Its too much! *g*

My question: If you could act in any play or film role, which role would you choose. I think I would go for Ivanhoe on a charger

Kim said...

Damn, y'all. I'm drunk enough I don't think I can even stumble into the next room.

As far as Mags original question, alls I'm saying is there is a UPS driver somewhere that can attest to my talents...

Q-Don't care what movie or character as long as its opposite of Colin Firth or Adrian Paul. Or Both.

Have you ever wondered into an adult toy store?

Angela said...

Maggierobinson said:Whoa, Angela. I'm drunk just reading your list! You're a high-flying free spirit, even if you've never been on a plane! Terrio, you and I will snuggle up in the boring corner, although that might cause talk and will be grounds for another probing question.
I know, what can I say? My hubby brings out the tiger in me.
If you and Terrio, snuggle up in a corner somewhere, where will that leave the rest of us? He! He.
Ever watched a movie to get in the mood? No, I can't stand them! They are not intelligent enough.

Quantumphrase said:You mean people actually do 'IT' on planes? I learn something new everyday!

AND Angel, I'm surprised at you...Oh my gosh!

Maggie, with the right person I am always in the mood...she says I'm insatiable. *g*

Though I have been known to watch the children's classic 'ballet shoes'...always makes me want to cry! *w*

Q, I can't believe you have never heard of getting too friendly in the sky!
As to regards of being insatiable,only your wifey knows!
You never truly answered the "movie question" I take that as a no comment.
You further went to say..
Darn it, I'm losing my grip...Angel and Terri and Maggie and Tiff all together! Its too much! *g*
Only you would say that! We are definitely too much for you.

My question: If you could act in any play or film role, which role would you choose. I think I would go for Ivanhoe on a charger.
Answer: I would have to say, Vivien Leigh, playing Scarlett in "Gone with the wind" my fave movie of all time. She was strong, witty,and had brains, and she was mighty fiesty!
Have I ever wondered into an adult toy store? Sorry, but, no to that one, but, my hubby... You can guess.
My question: Have ever just thought to yourself, just how sexy some men in suits can be? Unforms can be highly erotic! Or just imagine them smokin' cowboys.

RevMelinda said...

I was stone cold sober until Angela asked her threesome question. But it was just heavy petting, we didn't go all the way.

Maggie Robinson said...

RevM, I am choking on my tea. I may have to throw a shot of whiskey in it. Angela, I once went out with a West Point cadet. He took me for a romantic carriage ride through Central Park. A man in uniform, even a boy in uniform,is perfectly lovely.

Have you ever worn a thong?

BernardL said...

Thanks for this post, Maggie. It's been the most entertaining reading on the net all week. :)

Maggie Robinson said...

But Bernard, you didn't answer the thong question! This brutal honesty is somewhat unexpected but yes, entertaining.

BernardL said...

Have you ever worn a thong?

Oh... sorry Maggie... ah yea, I have, but only on my head. :)

Maggie Robinson said...

Oddly enough, my husband also had thongs placed on his head when he had a birthday party. They were black. There are pictures.

New question, same theme: Have you ever gone commando?

RevMelinda said...

Maggie, even a shy sheltered inexperienced teenage girl who grows up to be a minister can get herself in an awkward situation while off at church camp for the summer. . .

This new set of questions has made me a mite tipsy. Mood movie has to be "The Piano."

I may now be too sloshed to answer anything else coherently.

TiffinaC said...

I love the piano...

should have asked about g-strings Maggie

Angela said...

Maggierobinson said:Angela, I once went out with a West Point cadet. He took me for a romantic carriage ride through Central Park. A man in uniform, even a boy in uniform,is perfectly lovely.
Reply: I have never been on a date with a man in uniform, but,.. My hubby's blue collar uniform(he's a welder) drives me wild!
Ques:Have you ever worn a thong? Good god no!
Have I ever gone commando?, Oh yeah!
New question: Have you ever secretly fantasized about your guy friends? In any way, shape or form?

Quantumphase said...

Angela, I haven't fantasised about fellas but Tiff wrapped in a G string might have me humming Gershwin (rhapsody in blue *g*). OK Tiff, you can hit me!

Q: As we have a Reverend among us may I respectfully ask whether you think that Angels have nipples. When visiting a Gothic church in Germany recently I noticed that the carvings were extremely intricate, answering this question for me!

RevMelinda said...

Oh, a theological question! Do angels have nipples?--well, sure, why not? I imagine angels can take many forms, depending on what kind of message they're bringing (do you think my angel could look like Colin Firth?--I'm putting my order in right now).

The bigger question is, of course: Does God have a penis?

(Sorry, Maggie, that's not really a drinking game question, but it probably takes some degree of inebriation to give it the consideration it deserves. . . LOL)

Angela said...

Quantumphrase wrote:Angela, I haven't fantasised about fellas but Tiff wrapped in a G string might have me humming Gershwin (rhapsody in blue *g*). OK Tiff, you can hit me!
Reply: Ugh, Q, you weren't supposed to answer that one! I knew your answer already, it was aimed for the ladies..
Anywho, I have to answer my own question and be quite honest.. Back in the day, I often had crushes on my male compadres, in high school! But, as time passed that phase ended... Until recent times, and I won't tell who he is..
As for the nipply question, I have no clue, and will not even venture a guess, I mean ugh! I don't care!
revmelinda said:The bigger question is, of course: Does God have a penis?
I know it is not a genuine question, but, I have to say this..
I don't even want to contemplate this one! I will go to hell for that one LoL!

terrio said...

I'll answer Rev's q - of course she doesn't. *g*

Oh yeah, I'm drinking for the commando one but I think I'm safe on the rest.

Have you ever de-stressed your guy while he was driving?

Q - Don't answer this one! LOL!

Angela said...

terrio said:Have you ever de-stressed your guy while he was driving?
Reply: Interesting question.. Are you asking what I think you are?.. Because, I am quite drunk enough as it is! Tip back another one for me! For, yes, I have tried it, and no, it did not succeed, Cars are too small and uncomfortable these days! And, damn those seat belts!

Maggie Robinson said...

Jeez, I spend some hours away from the Internet and now we've gone theological and scatalogical. Am dying w/ laughter on the God/penis question and am expecting to be sent to hell (or bed) shortly. Speaking of which: Have you ever made love on a waterbed?

We tried in a hotel once and we couldn't. Spent the night on the floor!

Santa said...

How can I not drop in again after questions about God's penis and angels' nipples are posted!

No to the thong. I own a few - and some of you may need to poke out your mind's eye right about now - but there it is!

Yes to commando. Rather freeing!

No de-stressing while driving. I always think of that scene in 'The World According to Garp', lol.

Yes, to the waterbed question at the CMI on LI, though it wasn't mind bending by any stretch of the imagination.

Which leads me to my question:

Have you ever done it in a cheesy motel with theme based rooms?

terrio said...

Yes to the waterbed and no to the hotel. Do those rooms with round beds and giant champagne glasses really exist?

Have you ever loved someone who didn't love you back?

Maggie Robinson said...

Santa, I too immediately thought of Garp---that scene freaked me out for YEARS!

No to cheesy motels, too. And Terrio, I had several cases of what I thought to be unrequited love in high school, and definitely love from college. I've googled the college guy too. He married a girl I carpooled with and just retired as an elementary school principal. What is this thing I have with school principals? When I knew him, he was planning to be a minister. No offense, RevM, but I would have made a really crappy minister's wife.

New question: Have you ever stalked a former flame? (and yes, googling is minor stalking)

Angela said...

Have I ever made love on a waterbed? No.
Ever done it in a cheesy motel..?
No, again.
Ever loved someone who did not love you back? Well, I can not say that I loved them, But, I had many crushes on guys in high school, and they told me they thought of me as just a "friend."
Ever stalked a former flame? No. I have never been that desperate.
My question..
Have you ever wanted to run away and never come back?

terrio said...

Packed on several occasions. *takes a drink* But no to the stalking. I'd be afraid of what I'd learn.

Have you ever woken up in a strange bed with someone you didn't know?

Janga said...

The de-stressing makes me think of some Harold Robbins-type book in which a character ends up decapitated in an auto accident from his partner's de-stressing him.

The nippled angels reminded me of Adam's question to Raphael in Book VIII of Paradise Lost about sex and love among the angels. Raphael blushes "rosy red." :)

India Carolina said...

Nope. Never woke up in a bed with someone I didn't know.

Have you ever bought a specialty condom - French tickler - from a gas station restroom and wound up with your first born child? Not saying I have, mind you.

RevMelinda said...

Terrio said " of course she doesn't. *g*"

What a great answer, Terrio! Sending you a virtual blessing. . .

No to de-stressing, water bed, and gas station condoms. (I'm so sheltered.) But I am the Queen of Past Unrequited Loves.

About waking up with someone you don't know--doesn't every married person sometimes wake up in the morning, look at your spouse, and think, "WHO are YOU??? What was I thinking?" (Does that count as half a drink?)

Angela said...

Just thought I would answer my own question.. As to running away.. With my financial situation being like it is, it makes me want to run away, and not come back, but, then I remember, problems always have a way of following you.
As to have I ever woken up in a strange bed...? No.
Have I ever bought a speciality condom..? Ugh, no again.

Sara Lindsey said...

I think it would be safe to say that I'm the most sober person here. You only have to drink to things you've done right?

Well, yes to thongs, though I still believe the evil things should be known as by their proper name: butt-floss.

Yes to the wandering into a sex store... and yes to thinking guys in uniform are sexy.

So, to continue on the movie idea, have you ever read a book to get in the mood?

Q - If you say Ballet Shoes again and desecrate my beloved Noel Streatfeild, I might get violent!

Angela said...

Have I ever read a book to get in the mood? Oh, hell yeah! Romance novels are the best!

Santa said...

Yes, Terri there are heart shaped beds and champagne towers in the Poconos. I once worked with a woman who showed us their honeymoon pictures. Talk about your TMI! I saw a side to that woman I NEVER wanted to see! Crap, now I'm going to have those nightmares again.

And RevM is right about waking up next to the DH and wondering WTF was I thinking! Not every morning but usually the ones following a particularly moronic thing they've said or done.

But I digress....

Oh, and yes to reading books to get in the mood...or finding oneself in the mood.*w*
Did I mention my DH is very supportive of my romance reading and writing? He keeps offering to help do 'research'(nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

So...has anyone used porn (tasteful, of course) to get in the mood? And before anyone gets any ideas - I'm not drinking for this one.

Quantumphase said...

Sarah, the film of ballet shoes took such liberties with the story that Mrs Q got was that which put me in the mood. *w*

A book to savour before bed...hmmm....I think Freeman Dyson's 'Disturbing the Universe'. That always sends me to the stars.*g*

Someone famous...can't remember who...once said 'One man's porn is another man's art.' I think that I would choose the Italian Renaissance, perhaps Botticelli's Venus....that should do the trick! *swoon*

My Question: Have you ever gone on a blind date and found a person you had longed to meet?

Maggie Robinson said...

Q, I just realized I've never really gone on a blind date. But my husband and I were "arranged" by friends, who had tried to set us up for years. We didn't like each other at first but you know how it all turned out.

Have you ever met a really famous person? Name drop, please!

BernardL said...

Have you ever met a really famous person? Name drop, please!

My brother and I were scuba diving in Monterey, CA back in 1985. We stayed overnight, and stopped at the Hogsbreath Inn in Carmel just after midnight. Clint Eastwood was there, and we said hi to him. My wife never forgave me for that one. She and I knew he owned the place, and Mr. Eastwood was her favorite. We stopped there every time her and I went diving, and we never caught a glimpse of him. :)

terrio said...

I've met a few country stars but I doubt anyone would recognize the names. No movie or tv stars.

I'll take a drink for the reading a book to get in the mood but no to the movies.

And I can more than relate to the WTF thinking when waking up next to the D(ickhead)H. So much so he's now the Ex-H. *g*

Have you ever been *late* and freaked you couldn't pin down which sperm donor it might be?

RevMelinda said...

Now I'm really drunk!
I met and chatted with Elizabeth Taylor (I was 13 and wearing a really unfortunate bandanna on my head; she was wearing some caftan thing).

Have you ever traveled to Europe with someone you were in love with and been completely platonic? (sigh. . .)

Janga said...

No to European travel and sperm donors, and the only famous people I have met have been literary critics and biographers--Richard Ellmann, Louis Martz, Diane Wood Middlebrook, Virginia Spencer Carr and poets--Adrienne Rich, Andrew Huggins, Bin Ramke, David Bottoms, Natasha Tretheway (to name a few).

Have you ever lied about your age?

Maggie Robinson said...

Oh, Janga. I used to be the youngest person in the room (I skipped two grades and graduated from college at 19). I confess now I lie like a rug, color my hair, and have invested in industrial strength bras to keep up the elusive semblance of youth. You'd have to pull my polished toenails to get me to admit my age to strangers. Of course my family, friends and co-workers know the bitter truth.

And going with the decrepit theme, have you ever considered plastic surgery purely for cosmetic reasons?

(And I've met Zippy the Chimp, Joe Namath, Teddy Kennedy, Kirstie Alley, Hodding Carter, Jamie Auchincloss, Maine Governors Angus King and John Baldacci and Wally Lamb)

Janga said...

What a diverse list of celebrities, Maggie. I didn't think about governors. I've only met Georgia governors, but Jimmy Carter is in that list.

No cosmetic surgery for me. I'd rather look my age than elect to undergo the surgeon's knife.

Have you ever considered writing a memoir?

Quantumphase said...

Maggie, I have known a few Nobel Laureates but all in the line of business. I have also met the Rev John Polkinghorne, after he became a priest. I believe he is now quite famous in church circles as well as science. I also met the Queen once, she was opening a science facility and was very charming. Didn't lay a sword across my shoulders though. *g*

Janga, I may have rounded down my age on occasion, multiples of ten are lucky you see and I always say 'about *tee'. I have never rounded up though. OK guess I'd better drink to that one!

Revmelinda, I used to take Mrs Q on conference visits in Europe where I talked science incessantly...I was such a bore for her that she stays home now. You just can't distract a scientist when he's in his element!

I did once have cosmetic surgery to remove a benign lump...mainly to enable me to wear a tie in comfort.

My question: H G Wells has invited you to use his time machine. Which famous author or artist would you travel to see?

I think I might choose William Morris and get him to introduce me to his pre-Raphaelite friends. I would also like to get the low down on the Jane situation though I know that he will be too much of a gentleman to enlighten me!

Angela said...

Has anyone ever used porn to get in the mood? I think you know the answer to this one.. But, you'd be surprised. I can't say this enough, porn is too cheesy for me!, so, no.
Ever gone on a blind date..? No, never had one.
Have I ever met a famous person? Yes. Joe Nuxhall and Marty Brenneman from the Cincinnati Reds(the baseball team) And, in Elementary I met some of the Cin. Bengal players(For those who don't know, they're football players) And, I ain't talking about soccer, Q.
Have you ever looked at your kids, and wanted to give them up for adoption,(because you're angry)?

Angela said...

Have I ever been *late* and freaked...? That would be a big no, because as yall know, my hubby was my first and only.
Have I ever traveled to Europe with someone I'm in love with..? That would also be no, I have never been out of the USA.
Have I ever lied about my age? That would be a big no! I'm not ashamed, and feel that age is but a number.
Have I ever considered plastic surgery..? Only to get rid of unsightly fatty bulges!
Have I ever considered writing a memoir? Yes, I have, only to show people how much I have changed, from shy, tongue tied youth, to enchanting seductress for my hubby.
Quantumphrase wrote:I also met the Queen once, she was opening a science facility and was very charming. Didn't lay a sword across my shoulders though. *g*
Gee, you met the queen! How lucky! You never told me that, I'm jealous..
H.G. Wells has invited you to use his time machine Which famous author or artist would you travel to see?
That is a very interesting question Q. I would love to see Abraham Lincoln, the man is a god to me, he helped bring about the freeing of the slaves.

Maggie Robinson said...

Popping in quickly before I go to my wild NYE festivities---I'm granddog sitting at my daughter's house and won't be online until tomorrow, when I post the winner of Have You Ever...which I must say has exceeded all my expectations! Party on!

Have YOU ever had an unusual New Year's Eve?

Angela said...

Have I ever had an unusual New Year's Eve? No, but, one time, when I used to work at Meijer,(A grocery store) I wished to myself that I could be with Donald on New Year's Eve..(the old saying is that the person you are with for New Years is the person you'll be with forever) Well, we did end up together in the store, after our shift. (We were still friends then) But, now we are married, go figure!

irisheyes said...

Wow, step away for a few days and the blog goes wild!!!! I can't even remember all the questions I missed and I just scrolled up about 4-5 seconds ago! LOL

Let's see yes to - worn a thong, hooked up with my best friend (the DH), I do tell little white lies to spare hurt feelings, yes to reading a book to get in the mood (a romance, of course), yes to the porn (but it didn't work - those movies are really bad. I was too busy laughing and it pretty much broke the mood). I definitely haven't batted for my own team (but I really suck at sports!), haven't had a one night stand or woken up next to a stranger. I haven't wandered into a sex toy store or fudged about my past (I'm pretty boring, maybe I should fudge in the opposite direction!)

This was really fun, Maggie. I'm sorry I couldn't keep up. My week has been beyond busy and isn't over yet!

Happy New Year one and all!!!

Gillian Layne said...

Good morning, and Happy 2008!

Just dropped by to check out the happily sleeping ladies and bottles littering the floor....(Grins)

When you throw a party, Maggie, you Really throw a party!