Saturday, February 2, 2008

Let Us Entertain You

Once upon a time, Vauxhall Gardens was the place to go for music, wafer-thin ham...and stolen kisses along the Dark Walk. Vauxhall and its entertainment are front and center in many historical novels. And now, some new history is being made! The Vauxhall Vixens have arrived to share our variety of voices with you. We're a group of writers determined to find pleasure and publication. Come join us in our journey. We're still getting dressed backstage, but we'd love to have you stop by.

And because I am certainly certifiable, you will still find me blogging here at MRMR and on Sundays at Romantic Inks. Because I'm blog-bewitched, my next post here will be the 100th! Who knew I had 100 ideas? Please come to my virtual party. You know there will be fun and prizes. See you soon!


J.K. Coi said...

Maggie! I'm so excited to be blogging with you!

And congratulations on being so bloggerly prolific. Almost 100 posts, that's great!

Ladytink_534 said...

I've read about Vauxhall Gardens before. Seem like a great name!

Congrats on you're almost 100th blog post! I still haven't made it that far but I'm getting close!

Elyssa Papa said...

I'm excited to be blogging with you all, too!

What's the anniversary present for 100 blogs? Ioan Gruffurd wrapped in a bow and nothing else??? *g*

Maggie Robinson said...

Ely, you homewrecker! Didn't Ioan just get married? And you know he's too young for me. Sigh.

Ladytink, thanks! Some of us are more Vixenish than others, but we're trying to catch up.

Kris, I'm excited too! Can't wait to read more about your book...and then read the book!

Tiffany Kenzie said...

hey hey hey fellow vixen *w*
We are going to have a blast.
and Ioan in a bow and nothing else? sigh... he's a cutie that one!

terrio said...

Maggie - just when I think I'm the craziest one out here, you go and get another blog. LOL!

The site looks great and I love the name, ladies. I'm just not sure the world is ready for you.

Still, I'm looking forward to watching the fireworks! They had fireworks at Vauxhall, didn't they?

Maggie Robinson said...

Terrio, bring the fire extinguisher. Yeah, it's official. I'm nuts. I'll do anything to avoid writing, LOL.

Tiff, just because of you I downloaded a whole bunch of pix of Ioan last night so they can rotate in my slide show. My husband is jealous now.

Keira Soleore said...

Posted here earlier, but the comments seems to have vanished. Congratulations, Vixens!!

Santa said...

So, you ever sleep? Can't wait for the 100th blog party! You always throw a swell shing-dig!

Slice me some of that paper thin ham and get me a private dining box! See you at the Vauxhall, you Vixens you!

Maggie Robinson said...

Thanks Keira! Hope I see your pretty bonnet.

Santa, it's 4:00 AM now, does that answer your question, LOL? But I am going back to bed. You want some mustard with that ham?