Thursday, March 6, 2008

Giggle to Grumble

Memory is a selective thing. Mine is not what it once was. I do okay with the kids’ names at my high school library, because I have to look at them, hear them say their name, then type it in to the circulation desk computer. It seems it takes three senses for everything to be branded in my brain. It’s not because I’m a complete fluff-head; I used to be pretty smart. I started college when I was fifteen, the same age as quite a few high school freshmen. But now everything needs to be written down if there’s any hope of me remembering to do it.

But memory is a selective thing. See above. If you repeat things, they stick with you. And it's weird what sticks with you. When I was a senior in high school, there was this guy who sat in front of me, Paul Korn. Everything was alphabetical then, and my maiden name was Lanman. He did this nifty thing when he signed yearbooks. He took names and then started a word with each letter to make a silly sentence. Mine was

True? I guess it was. I’m not sure it’s true now. I read an article somewhere about a minister who encouraged his congregation to stop complaining for a stretch of time. They had purple rubber band bracelets to remind them to switch wrists when they did complain, and then they had to start the count all over. I’d probably be getting whiplash changing sides. Not only do I complain, but I’m not always going giggling into everything either.

So this post is turning into a complaint session about writing, circuitously but surely. Right now, I’ve had a requested full manuscript on an editor’s desk for over five months. Playing the waiting game. Wondering if I should send a gentle reminder. Thinking my SASE went into the shredder with the rest of the paper. Just worrying out loud. What’s your frustration? Let’s snap those virtual purple rubber bands. What's your silly sentence?

The man with a clear conscience probably has a poor memory. ~Author Unknown


terrio said...

A book

That's my real name btw. I'm sure I complain more than I should but not as much as I used to. That's good, right?

Maggie - Hope you hear something soon.

Kelly Krysten said...

I complain about men alot lately, but that's a looonnnggg story,lol. I write to relieve stress then wind up more stressed in revisions. It's a viscious cycle.So that's a big complaint for me. There has to be a better way to revise. I hope...

Maggie, I'm sure you'll hear something soon and if not that just wasn't the right editor for you anyhow.

BernardL said...

You outlined it pretty well. The full manuscript request I don't hear a peep on for six months. I still haven't sold anything; but I've written whole books while waiting to hear back from the love/hate full manuscript request. :)

Tiffany Kenzie said...

LOVE the quote. lol!

Naying (or)

Kinda true since I stopped sending stuff out for editing again.

My frustration right now is editing :)

Send the reminder Maggie... this pub says they get back in less time than that. They need a nudge.

I'm a complainer too, I am working on complaining less... :)

MsHellion said...


MsHellion said...

Actions to
Exciting (or excruciating)

Maggie Robinson said...

Terrio, I know exactly how you feel sometimes. I mean, why wasn't I satisfied just reading? What made me think I had anything interesting to say? But you know we're both addicted!

Tiff, those agents will be hearing from you soon, and you will be hearing from THEM, hopefully w/ lots of yays.

Kelly, I used to think I revised as I went along, which I did do...but it's never enough. And you're right, revising (like a man) is sooo stressful. Right now, I'm going with the no news is good news theory and I'm going to wait it out.

Bernard, I'm reminded of an author who was already signed and about to be published when someone who had her full finally got back to her and rejected YEARS later. It's a waiting game for sure, but sounds like you're making good use of your time.

Oh, Hellion, I love them both. Hard to pick between anarchists and the ultimate procrastinator.

RevMelinda said...

Maggie and everybody, I feel your waiting pain! Here's mine. . .I sent in my resume for a "dream job" on Monday and am now waiting to see if I get a call. Who knows how long it could be, if ever? Was it a smart move or the stupidest ever?


Maggie Robinson said...

Anarchy! Nihilism! Never let it be said we romance people are dumb! RevM, I hope you get what you want. Hell, I hope we ALL get what we want, whatever it is. Waiting is hard though.

Elyssa Papa said...

That is frustrating, Maggie... but what's the timeframe for them returning things?

Personally, I hate waiting as well. I don't think the queries I sent via e-mail were even read or were just deleted. And still waiting about people who have my fulls, too. It's beyond frustrating.

E-mail the publisher maybe when it hits the six month mark???

Keira Soleore said...

This week I've been such a grouch--OMG. I'm. Upset.--I grew tired of being with me. I'm in need of a purple wristband, so I don't have to put other people through that again.

Maggie Robinson said...

LOL, Keira. We all go through our Oscar the Grouch phases. It really is hard not to whine about stuff. The winter weather has made me a million times worse than I usually am (and yeah, I know, you're having gorgeous spring-like weather, darn it).

Ely, at six months maybe it's time for a nudge. But I'm such a coward!