Monday, June 16, 2008

The Last Supper

There’s nothing I like better than reading and eating when I’m alone. I’ve even been known to read while my husband sits across the table from me. I am, as Alec Baldwin might say, “a rude little pig.”

I’d like to get my hands on the recently published book, My Last Supper, detailing the final favorites of 50 world renowned chefs. There are some surprisingly humble choices: hot dogs, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, cheeseburgers. There have been studies on what prisoners choose for their last meals before they step involuntarily off into the great unknown. Comfort food seems to be key: steak, fried chicken, and that ubiquitous cheeseburger with a side order of fries.

If you were writing the menu for your last meal, what would be on it? Whose book would you be reading?

I think I’d be having Thanksgiving dinner reading anything by Georgette Heyer. Pass the cranberry sauce, please.


J.K. Coi said...

Mm. If I were having my last meal, I think I'd like to keep it simple. I love my mother's spaghetti sauce. And for dessert, cheesecake.

J.K. Coi said...

Oh, and I'm rude like that too. I'll read anywhere.

terrio said...

I watched an episode of Charlie Rose when he featured this book and a few of the chef's involved. It was interesting to see what they chose. Some were more simple than you would think.

I'm not sure what I would choose. A good steak that melts in your mouth is hard to pass up. Then there's a good lasanga or pizza from this little family owned place in my hometown. That might win. Yes, as many slices of Gianamore's pizza as I can eat.

With something chocolate for dessert of course. Warm brownies with chocolate chips in them. And a good vanilla milkshake to wash it all down.

It's a good thing this is my last meal. I'm going to be sick after eating it. LOL!

skirbo said...

Interesting post. Tough question, really, because I love food. There is so much out there that I haven't gotten to try, so many things that I love that I'm trying not to eat.

I will say that I would love to have my dad's pancakes one more time, along with breakfast with my dad. I miss him and no one does pancakes like him.


Kelly Krysten said...

I think I'd spring for lobster and the cheese burger with fries and then a huge slice of chocolate cake! It's my last meal so I don't have to worry about the calories.
Also, I read any and everywhere!

MsHellion said...

Ginger Chicken
Hot & Sour Soup
Lo Mein
Steak (hey, it's MY last supper)
Ice cream

Though knowing it was my last supper, I'm doubtful it would taste very good. *LOL* So if I suddenly got clemency from the governor at the 11th hour, I doubt I'd be able to eat any of those things again and they'd taste good.

When my mom died, my friends were worried about me...I wasn't eating (though it wasn't like I could stand to lose about 40 pounds)--and my friend Nicki brought me my favorite dessert from Olive Garden, the tiramisu. I tried to eat it, but picked at it. I can't eat it to this doesn't taste like it used to.

MsHellion said...

Heck, I might have shrimp...I'm allergic, but hell, if it's my last supper, who cares?

MsHellion said...

This post reminds me of Chocolate, with Johnny Depp...did anyone see that? Judi Dench has the last supper meal for her 70th birthday. All things chocolate.

Maggie Robinson said...

Hellion, wasn't Chocolat a sweet movie, LOL? The Chinese portion sounds good, but I'm off steak lately. But shrimp (cocktail, not fried or cooked unless it's battered coconut shrimp dipped in that apricotty sauce)is a favorite.

JK, does your cheesecake have topping? My Thanksgiving pie is going to be chocolate pecan, not pumpkin.

Skirbo! Welcome! I see you twirling your tiara and boa. I had pancakes yesterday, but I cheated and used Bisquick.

Terri, pizza is my all-time favorite food too, which makes me wonder why I picked Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe because Thanksgiving is my family's favorite holiday and the ide of it makes me feel the love, LOL.

Kelly, yum! We live in Maine so lobster is on our menu several times during the summer. Still so expensive, but so good. I never have it in a restaurant, tho---eat it in junky clothes at home and then take a shower after.

terrio said...

I love Chocolat! And I didn't think about the calories not counting. Throw in some chocolate chip cookie dough. And the best peanut butter meltaways money can buy.

Is there a budget on this meal? LOL!

Maggie Robinson said...

Ter, there's never a money problem in the MRMR Fantasyland. :)

Janga said...

No worries about clogged arteries? I'd have fried chicken, fried okra, sweet potatoes, sliced tomatoes (salmonella-free, of course), green beans cooked the way my grandmother cooked them, cornbread, and sweet tea with lemon--and for dessert, Mama's peach cobbler, still warm with cinnamon vanilla ice cream on top.
With this meal, I'd need to read something Southern. Hmm. Maybe I'd reread Deborah Smith's A Place to Call Home or a Margaret Maron or Anne George or Patricia Sprinkle mystery.

This game reminds me of Elizabeth Berg's Talk Before Sleep. I loved the scene where Ruth's friends go out to gather her favorite foods for one of their last meals with her. The foods include lobster from an expensive restaurant and French fries from McDonald's.

Tiffany Kenzie said...

I'd be reading Lady Chatterley's and eating.... something good and sinful :) Can't think

Tiffany Kenzie said...

And I can't think of food when it's hot out. Heat makes me eat less.

but with my last meal I'd be drinking a fine cognac or a nice bottle of Chateau...

Maggie Robinson said...

Janga, I'm guessing hamhocks in the beans? My friend Claudia (who lives in Virginia) makes the best fried chicken, and she does this interesting potato salad with a cooked dressing and sweet pickles. I love sweet potatoes (did your recipe at Thanksgiving, which I'd make again for my last meal, LOL). Actually, I think it would be great if somebody else cooked that last supper---I get too hot to be hungry after I cook!

Maggie Robinson said...

Just missed you, Tiff! Yeah, I think I eat less in the summer, unless I'm on vacation. I completely forgot the drinking part. I'd have champagne w/ dinner, then Bailey's after.

Elyssa Papa said...

Chicken quesadillas
Chips with spinach artichoke dip
French fries

Then dessert:

Fried ice cream covered in chocolate sauce and coconut

Chocolate cake

More chocolate

Hey, if it's my last meal, I'm eating a lot of chocolate. *g* I read anywhere--except for a car or moving vehicle because I get motion sickness easily. But I remember reading Little House of the Prairie books at restaurant dinner tables. I can't remember a time where my nose hasn't been stuck inside the pages of a book.

Stephanie J said...

Sushi! Or prime rib. Hmm....decisions, decisions! Since we're allowed to have both just slap 'em both on the plate!

Dessert? I'd have to go for a Dairy Queen ice cream cake. I haven't had one in years but it's my favorite. Or mint chocolate chip ice cream. Yum!

Chocolat was so good. I need to watch that again.

terrio said...

Ely - I have that same motion sickness problem. The weird thing is I can read on a plane or on a bus, even sitting backwards, but I can't read in a car without getting horribly sick. It makes no sense.

Maggie - forgot to mention I kind of gave you homework on my personal blog. LOL! You might want to check it out.

MsHellion said...

Oooh, FRIED chicken. And I love Paula Deen's version of fried chicken because it's crunchy and spicy! (Though my mom used to just flour it in regular flour, salt & pepper, then fry it in bacon grease. That was good too. *LOL*) But Paula's has a dip and then a dredge in self-rising flour so it gets all crunchy and good. Yummo. And not fried in bacon grease, though I doubt she'd turn away a little pig fat.

Oooh, and I forgot a dozen Krispy Kremes...and I'd probably re-read Harry Potter 7. Skip to the end part...after all, this is a LAST supper.

MistyJo said...

This is a tough decision. Food is a serious subject in my family. I think that I would stick with comfort food.

Hamburger Steak with grilled onions and brown gravy
Creamed Potatoes
Fresh Corn
MaMaw Chism's Green Beans (vinegar and sugar in them)
Stewed Squash
Fried Okra
Purple Hull Peas
Fresh Tomatoes
Maw's Homemade Rolls and her cornbread(Yum!)

Iced Sweet Tea

Maw's Homemade Coconut Pie, Sweet Potato Pie, and Chocolate Pie(Yum!)

irisheyes said...

This is a hard one Maggie. I have such a hard time making decisions. The last supper would be the ultimate bite in the shorts for me! LOL

First of all it would have to be served to me. If it's my last I don't wanna be doing the cooking. And whoever is doing the serving is gonna be plenty busy running all over Chicagoland to get me what I want!

- Bruschetta and fresh bread & butter from Baci's
- Spinach pizza from Connie's
- Lobster Bisque from Gibson's
- Filet Mignon from Gibson's
- European Chocolate Truffle from Baker's Square (who are going out of business - OH NO!!!!)
...if there's still room
- 1 scoop of Chocolate Chip on a sugar cone from Baskin Robbins

and then watch out cause I'll probably get really, really sick!

irisheyes said...

I forgot about the book. Probably something from Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I'd want something to lighten the mood!

Maggie Robinson said...

This is all making me so hungry. Yesterday I was actually in the grocery store and I didn't buy a darn thing (well, milk, bread, OJ, real maple syrup, an Avon paperback, the local paper, toilet paper...$30 and pointless except for the TP).I should take a printout of these menus with me next time. :)

Ely, I make chicken quesadillas. Now I know what to serve you when you come to Maine!

Hellion, frying chicken scares me. Bacon too. I have those grease spatter flashbacks.

Misty, I'm with you on everything but the okra.

Steph, yes to the prime rib. had that at my wedding reception. No to the sushi. It's a mental thing I can't get over, like eating deer or moose. Ugh.

Irish, I like how you've delegated! If I ever come to Chicago, I expect the tour. And all the food.

Elyssa Papa said...

Oh Maggie, I would eat almost anything except for anything fish-related, cheesecake, or lasagna.