Monday, August 25, 2008

Pesky Real Life

School starts today. My days of lounging around in my bathrobe typing or sitting in the garden reading are over. I am actually going to have to get dressed and go back to work, smile at a couple of hundred people every day and try to remember how to do things I've forgotten how to do over the summer.

But the most challenging thing will be to keep up the pace of my writing. Lately I've gone a little bonkers, writing thousands and thousands of words a day. This is NOT like me, LOL. The other day I got notes from my agent (I'm sorry---I'm officially insufferable. I go around saying "my agent" all day long *g*). There were about 35 pages of Paradise that needed one thing or another--- some just a word change, some lengthening of scenes (those would be my short sex scenes, because somewhere, my dead grandmother is blocking my creativity). I wound up adding 5,000 words (and no, they weren't all sex). Now it's back to Mistress by Mistake.
Are you writing every day? Do you have set word count goals? Is pesky real life (or your dead grandmother) getting in the way of your creativity? Got any tips for sex scenes?


J.K. Coi said...

Ah Maggie, even if you have to slow down to join the real world once again, you've written enough this summer to stop completely for at least a month and still not fall behind. Besides, you don't want to keep up that pace for too long, especially when you're back to work on top of it. Trust me, everything else suffers and you wind up over-tired and brain dead.

Tiffany Kenzie said...

hmm... tips for hot sex? How 'bout reading hot sex?

Set word count per day? Not really, just an imaginary deadline I try to meet for each book. Current Edits to Hidden Beauty should ideally be done before October.

New book, ideas are flowing strong, I know exactly what I have to tackle in way of research, and I'd like to start it in October, and be done around April. :)

You've done amazing on wordcount, story finishing, agent finding, and all that good stuff... and you are not insufferable!

BernardL said...

December Quinn just did an entire series on sex scenes in erotic romance on her blog. It was very good.

terrio said...

This has certainly been a summer of success for you, Maggie. It's all so exciting I'm just happy to be along to watch the show. Don't look at me for answers to fitting the writing in around life. We all know I'm legend for getting nothing done. LOL!

As for those sex scenes, metaphors are you friend! (A lesson I stole from Eloisa :))

Elyssa Papa said...

Well... my advice would be is to have some more hot sex. *g*

I've got a very dirty mind, so I can dream up all kinds of scenarios.

Stephanie J said...

Whoa, very strange! I just blogged about something similar-ish. Similarish. I like it. Anywho, I just added weekly word count goals that break down to daily word count goals to prevent from getting horribly behind. So sad tho, I've never written thousands and thousands of words per day! I wish!!! :)

No tips on the sex scenes. They're creativity zappers for me too.

Maggie Robinson said...

Steph---great minds. ;) I think if you make the blog rounds, we're all saying the same thing, LOL.

WTG, Bernard! I'll definitely check that out. Thanks a lot.

Ely, I'm afraid I'll put my back out. *g*

Tiff, I depend on you for reading recs.

Kris, right you are on the brain frying. I just got home from a day of meetings and I'm charred toast---plus my back is KILLING me and I have not followed Ely's advice.:)

Terri,you do 6X more than anybody I know! And you will finish cause you've got the bug!

Janga said...

I'm sure that you will continue to produce lots of lovely words, Maggie, even if you have to adapt your pace. And what a lovely sense of accomplishment you must have as you start the new school year!

I don't do word count goals any longer. It just depresses me when I fail to meet my goal. :( I just set a goal of completing a stage at the process and try not to beat myself up that I seem to reach the big goal by a series of sprints rather than in a marathon.

irisheyes said...

Maggie - hurrah for you! I'm so excited you had a productive summer. You'll fit it all in somehow. You're just spoiled because your time was your own for a short period. I know what that's like. :)

I'm not even at the point to consider word count. I think I need to concentrate on just sitting my butt in the chair and getting some words on the screen.

As for sex scenes, my big advice is to minimize the mechanics and maximize the dialogue before and after. I like emotion not an instruction manual. I always tell the DH sometimes just talking about it is sexier than doing it! He tends to disagree most of the time. :)