Monday, June 8, 2009


June 16. That's when I kiss all those library books and teenagers good-bye for the summer. I know just how lucky I am to have two months off, even if I don't get paid. I've got the usual big plans---to finish at least one of the two books I've started. If I don't get lured out into the sunshine too often, it will happen. I know I could sit in my Adirondack chair with my laptop, but I seem to be tied to my little folding desk in my little writing room (which is a mess again, so another big plan will be to clean it up). I'm also judging a writing contest, which should be interesting. We'll go away for a week in August, and I've got a slew of doctor and dentist appointments and a standing weekly date with Sadie. Before I know it, it will be time to go back to school. Ugh.

What are your summer plans? What's growing in your garden? (We're on our third batch of tomatoes and peppers because of freezes...our heat still comes on at night!) Can you write anywhere, or do you stick to one place?


Tiffany Chalmers w/a Tiffany Clare said...

Summer plans.... RWA :) I is excited. I go to very few places. I'm sick of dentists, Maggie, so I will grumble with you there. I've used up all my benefits this year for dental work.

I want a tomato garden, but we don't have a place to plant stuff, unless you count our verradah that gets very little light and gets nightly visits from the neighbourhood raccoons.

I usually write in my bedroom, in my big comfy chair or in the bed (I hear this is bad to do) but I've created so many great books there. Can't stop now.

J.K. Coi said...


MistyJo said...

Hey Maggie! I know how you feel about counting down the days until summer vacation. My last day was May 26th. That screwed-up school board made teachers come back for one day after Memorial Day. It sucked. The last few weeks of school felt never ending! On the 26th while all the other schools in our district were leaving by noon, my prinicpal kept us until 3:00 pm, that @$$! I came home, finished packing, and headed for Disney World for a week. :-) It was Susie's first time, and we all had a blast, except for Hannah who took a nasty fall by the pool.

The rest of my summer will be spent doing projects needed around the house. There is still a lot of work left to do on my money pit. Oh, and I have to plan a sweet 16 party for Hannah in July.

terrio said...

Softball ends this weekend, Kiddo's last day is the 18th, and my official last day is the 28th, but I'll hopefully wrap everything up a few days before that.

My summer plans include re-arranging and redecorating the apartment, writing, RWA (WHOOT!) and most importantly, ENJOYING DOING NOTHING! LOL! It's been so long since my time was my own. *sigh*

Janga said...

I have an aunt and uncle who keep me supplied with vegetables from their garden. Vegetable dinners from their gifts take me back to my childhood. Summer is such a nostalgic season for me.

My plans are simple--a couple of weeks visiting friends and lots of Grand time, reading time, and, I hope, writing time. And I will eagerly read all the postings and tweets from friends who will be in Washington for the conference.

Maggie Robinson said...

Tiff, we have odd creatures here in the country who ate my sunflowers and other stuff. Right now the veggies are in pots on the porch, but they're going to need more sun...once the evening temps aren't in the 30s! It's June, for heaven's sake!

JK, ditto.

Misty! So happy to hear from you. haven't been to Disney in a million years, but loved it.

Terri, I hope you have a blissful time puttering around at home. I need to have a yard sale or something so I can justify redecorating. But my writing room definitely needs some help.

Janga,I can see you now catching lightning bugs with the grands. I'm investigating a tent/tunnel for Sadie in the yard, and a kiddie pool, too. Once school is over, I'll be hitting Walmart.

And you tweet? So far I am resisting. :)

Elyssa Papa said...

I seem to be a creature of habit in that I only write in one place. I've tried to move around, but it never works.

Marnee Jo said...

Yay summer break! I remember how anxious I would get, waiting to see the backs of those kids. And I loved some of my students. Not all, but some. Most even.

Your summer sounds wonderful. I have a few trips--day trips mostly, starting with an excursion to NYC next weekend with my sister and mom--but mostly I'll just be playing in our backyard with my kidlet.

We did plant a garden this year. Four tomato plants and a zucchini plant. (One zucchini plant will feed my whole family, our neighbors, and my friends).

And I can write anywhere. As long as its quiet. Even without quiet I can do it. Pretty much as long as my fingers can touch the keys, I can write. :)

You're resisting Twitter? Me too. I signed up. I follow people and people follow me. I'm just not much to follow yet. (Maybe never. I write, I watch a 2 year old. I'm fairly dull. Really.)

irisheyes said...

I love summer!!! I always hated school so summer vacation was extra special for me - it meant freedom. Funny how a change in age and circumstances can change your outlook on things. Now that I'm a mom summer equals loss of freedom. LOL

We all got out last week. Kids last day of school and sadly my last day at my temp job working in the school library. I enjoyed it while it lasted. Now it's "Mom I'm bored what are we doing today?" To which I respond "I don't know about you guys but I'm reading!"

We're planning a trip to Washington DC in August and several little trips throughout the summer. The vegetable garden (the DH's territory) has been planted, along with my begonias and gladiolas - I'm anxious to see the fruits of our labor. I've just recently gotten into gardening (flowers) and am enjoying the results.

I can pretty much only write on the computer in my office. Anywhere else is a distraction or I fall asleep! LOL

I've had several people try to get me on Twitter and Facebook and I've resisted also.

Maggie Robinson said...

Irish, I'm amazed by people who can go to Starbucks and write. I need my privacy in my little room with the door closed. I don't even like it when John comes in to 'visit.' I'm a bad wife.:)

Ely,I have decided once I charge the laptop I'm going to see if I can type outside...but I'm thinking probably not.

Marnee, I feel dull, too. Plus, I'm so afraid Twitter would be even more of a time-suck than the stuff that already distracts me.Have fun in NY!

terrio said...

I'm with you on resisting Twitter, Maggie! I won't even go to the site for fear of getting sucked in. Together, we can hold strong!!

Maggie Robinson said...

Terri, you and I are going to be the last non-twits on earth, LOL. When politicians do it, the fad must be over, yes? I have been laughing my head off reading middle-aged white men writing "while u r on vaca, we wrkin wkend..." or something like that. :)