Saturday, June 13, 2009

Not Ready for My Close-up

I guess I need to have a professional portrait done pretty soon. I've gotten very used to the image that accompanies my Blogger comments, taken almost two years ago on my birthday. It's cropped from the larger shot, where I'm surrounded by the other Robinson girls in my life. I haven't had a 'real' picture taken since I sold real estate---no more shoulder pads and power suits and big hair, thank you very much. So I'm contemplating what to wear, whether I should get my hair and make-up done by people who know what they're doing, if I should smile showing teeth or not, LOL. Inside or outdoors? Turtleneck or V-neck? Vaseline on the lens or Photoshop?

Decisions, decisions. Help me make them! What should I shop for? How should I smile? Natural or spackled? Do you pay any attention to author photographs? Whose picture stands out for you? Do you photograph well?

Above is Edward Steichen's famous portrait of Gloria Swanson. Most of us, however, remember her like this from Sunset Boulevard. Yikes.


J.K. Coi said...

If it's going to be all over the place, in the backs of books, on websites and blogs and all that...go get it done right with the makeup and everything. I hate all of that, but I went and did it for my shot--took the advice of my promotions manager and the picture turned out well (better than I had hoped for)

Elyssa Papa said...

Oh, you'll look fabulous, you beautiful hussy. I think you want that natural make-up so you look like yourself. No 80s make-up or hair! LOL

Tessa, Sara, and Courtney have beautiful photos. (As do J.K. and Tiffany.)

I can't wait to see them!

Tiffany Chalmers w/a Tiffany Clare said...

I hate having my picture taken. You wouldn't believe it to see my husband's website, but I can't stand smiling for the camera.

Photoshop is wonderful! You can do a basic makeup (w/o makeup artist) and the photographer can touch it up in aperture then photoshop. But they charge extra for that. Come to think of it, they charge less than a makeup artist does for their time.

Natural smile. Like you love romance :) And no on the v-neck. It's not usually very flattering.

terrio said...

I'll throw in my vote for getting them professionally done. For one, you get pampered for a day and get to feel pretty. Who doesn't like that? For two, done right the first time means not having to do it again for a long time. Who doesn't like that? For three, they are going to ask for your picture when you get nominated for that RITA so you might as well be prepared. :)

MistyJo said...

I agree with Terri, go for the pampering that a professional will offer. Just be careful of the professional you use. I had my make-up done by a professional once and wound up looking like a whoring raccoon!

Maggie Robinson said...

LOL, Misty! I was once in a before and after fashion show, and had pretty much the same experience. I wanted to wear a paper bag over my head, but I would have tripped off the stage.

Terri, ha ha ha. But thanks for your vote of confidence!

JK, you pic is gorgeous. You look both glamorous and approachable, you Vixen you.

Ely, the last time I had a department store make-up artist do me, I felt super-stupid. I think I'm going to go to my regular salon and see what they say.

Tiff,does your husband do your photos ?(all of which are great, btw)

terrio said...

You chuckle but I'm serious. I know awards are in your future and I've heard horror stories about people getting the call that a picture is needed by the end of the day. No time to prepare, pamper, panic even. LOL! Best to be ready when you get that call!

irisheyes said...

I vote for the professional picture also. Just make sure you're showing the proper profession when they do it, as it's been mentioned in the previous posts.

I'm also all for the pampering aspect. I'm sure you'll look ten times prettier than you already do if you get a massage, facial, pedicure and anything else they would like to throw in (and it's tax deductible!).

Santa said...

Go get head shots with your make-up done by the folks who know you best - your regular salon folks. What do your girls say?

Whatever you do, I'm sure you'll look fabu!

Maggie Robinson said...

Thanks, Santa! I'm in desperate need of some hair intervention anyway, but I'm in one of those 'gotta cut it to let it grow out' phases.

Irish,if you could see my poor toes right now, you'd know how very much I need a pedicure. Yesterday was my last day of school, so it's time to schedule all sorts of appointments.

Janga said...

I'm all for professional photos that show authors at their best. Mary Balogh has a great photo on the Seducing the Angel jacket. It's more polished than other photos of her I've seen, but she still looks natural and lovely. I hate the photos that shout "Fake!"--especially those that make the author look like a fugitive from Dynasty, or even worse, the wife of a televangelist.

Use your own good taste, Maggie, and I'm sure your photo will be beautiful.

Maggie Robinson said...

LOL, Janga! I know just what you're talking about! I know there's been discussions about the vast discrepancy between an author's photo and their actual appearance...but don't worry, I'm no Tammy Faye Bakker, God rest her soul.