Friday, July 24, 2009

A Break and a Book

Summer is my mega-writing time. I have a little over two months off, and am now at the half-way point. I've gone from 15,000 words on Any Wicked Thing to 45,000 in a month, so I'm half-finished with both the book and the vacation. It has helped that it's rained practically every single day here in Maine---I've not been tempted to leave the house very often.

I'll be taking a break from blogging for a few weeks (but I'm on Twitter, so please follow me, not that I say much there). Contest!To get you to come back on August 8, I'm offering a brand new bright and shiny copy of Mary Jo Putney's Loving a Lost Lord. My Kensington editor sent me a 'Kensington Care Package' with a slew of Kensington titles to welcome me. There were 17 books!!! Needless to say, I was excited.They were all new to me, too, except for MJP's book, which I had already purchased and read. So the extra copy will go to one random commenter on this post, with a couple of other writerly goodies.
Here's my question: If you were making up a care package for a writer, what items would you include in it? Any particular books? Comfort items? All serious and silly answers welcome.
See you in August!


Elyssa Papa said...

I'd include chocolate, a stress ball, and probably a flash drive. As to books, I would add include lots and lots of romances, probably all the new releases and ARCs.

And I always forget how much you write. Pass that 30k in a month over to me, please. :)

Have fun!

Tiffany Clare said...

Since Ely already said chocolate. I'd like to add wine (forget the glass, you may want to drink it right out of the bottle)!

Woohoo on 30K in a month! You totally rock.

Have fun, Maggie!

J.K. Coi said...

You suck! But I mean that in the best way possible, lol. Your wordcount is awesome. awesome. Ok, what I'm really saying is I suck. :)

I think I'd include all the things that Ely and Tiff have said: chocolate and wine (maybe one of those baby bottles-just enough for a sip, you know you have to keep the costs of these things down), but I'd also include a pair of candles for mood.

(Listen to me, always thinking about the cost)

Maggie Robinson w/a Margaret Rowe said...

LOL, I love my crit partners.

terrio said...

I'm going to miss you. :( But that's an awesome word count. You put us all to shame, dear lady.

I read Ely's comment and realized I acquired all three of those things at the conference last week. Even the stress ball!

So in my basket, I'd definitely include the chocolate, a book of inspirational quotes, an iTunes gift card (gotta have the tunes), some comfy PJs with fluffy slippers (gotta be comfortable), one of those massage things you hang on the back of your chair, and some pictures of eye candy. Eye candy always helps.

Janga said...

You amaze me, Maggie. Could you send some of that discipline and productivity my way?

Assuming my care package for writers is limited only by my imagination, I would include the following:

For physical comfort:
a Keilhauer Sguig computer chair “to create a dynamic sitting experience that helps to increase alertness and maintain concentration, while addressing the causes of seating-related muscle pain” and a CafePress tee shirt that reads “My muse has a restraining order against my inner critic.”

For information and inspiration:

a Conceal floating book shelf to keep vital books handy without taking up desk space and two books for the shelf—Anne Lamott’s Word by Word and Paricia O’Connor’s Woe Is I: The Grammarphobe's Guide to Better English in Plain English and Writer’s Block Word Cubes for sentence play when the mind goes blank.

For sustenance:

a mug with a favorite Lamott quotation:“Don’t look at your feet to see if you are doing it right. Just dance,” a box of Tazo herbal blend tea most suitable for a romance writer—Passion, and a dozen home-baked bourbon brownies (individually wrapped to discourage excess).

Finally—a Time-Turner from the world of Harry Potter to put more writing hours in the writer’s day.

This was fun. :) Please exclude me from the contest and increase the chances of someone who hasn't yet read MJP's great book.

irisheyes said...

First of all I want some credit for leaving a comment right after Janga! Awesome suggestions, Janga, BTW!

If the sky's the limit what I would give would be a room! Not just any room, but the perfect room. A room that gives you everything you need to write. State of the art equipment, all ergonomically correct, of course. Maybe a walnut library feel to it with floor to ceiling bookshelves holding your favorites and most inspiring reads. I'd like a nice picture window with a garden to gaze upon while contemplating my next scene. The lighting and temperature just right and music piped in if necessary. And last but not least, any food or beverage that motivates - chocolate, coffee, coke, diet-coke, spring water, a glass of Merlot - you name it you got it.

Maggie Robinson w/a Margaret Rowe said...

I guess this package is going to have to be pretty damn big! I love all your answers...and now have serious issues with needs/desires. :)

Santa said...

I'd include tons of chocolate from my favorite, sinfully delicious chocolatier, a Pinot Noir to go with it, some delectable fruits, post-it notepads to be placed around their office or house for those spur of the moment inspirations, gift cards to Starbucks or Paneras for those times working in the office isn't enough, fuzzy slippers for the winter and flip flops for the summer and one or two titles from their own favorite authors for their stress revealing bath steeped in lavender oils.

That should do it! Enjoy yourself and congrats on, well, everything.

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