Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Scenic Route

In the last book of the Courtesan Court trilogy, Mistress by Marriage, a character from Caroline's past became so strong I had to send him away to Italy before he completely took over the book. Andrew Rossiter is the Master of Sin in the fourth Kensington book that, if approved, will follow the trilogy. I guess I could almost call the series the Courtesan Court Quartet, which would thrill my alliterative heart. I have 1/3 of this book finished, but need to write "The End" on something else first. I can tell Andrew's getting impatient, but he and Gemma will have to wait until Sebastian and Freddie battle it out on the battlements of Goddard Castle. *g*

The main action in MOS takes place on a remote Scottish island, which has become a kind of character itself in the WIP. I've been to Scotland several times, but never to the Outer Hebrides. Bless you, YouTube. I've watched a clip of St. Kilda (which for some reason I cannot embed, but you can click on the link below), which is really Outer (with fabulous music that never fails to put me in the mood, so turn the sound up).

After spending quite a bit of time doing research, I've decided to create my own little universe, mostly based on Barra Head, which is now uninhabited except for "air so thickly crowded with birds as to produce the appearance of a heavy snowstorm."~H.J. Elwes, 1868. What an image.

I have a little experience living on islands myself. First, there was Long Island in New York. Yeah, I know, not isolated, but pretty wild if you know the right hangouts. ;) Early in my marriage, we lived at a boarding school on an island in Boston Harbor, accessible only by the school's launch. Later on, we lived on Isleboro in Penobscot Bay, served by the Maine State Ferry System. But after 4:30, you were stuck on the island for the night. If you had that craving for a midnight chili cheeseburger, you had to make it yourself. It was really the prettiest place we've ever lived, and I hope to channel some of my island memories as I write MOS.
Are you an Island Girl? Do you have secondary characters who jump up and down at you? Are your settings characters in themselves?


Tiffany Clare said...

I love remote settings. I also love islands. I love living near water so could easily live on an island. I wouldn't mind the remoteness. I'm a homebody anyway. :)

My settings are their very own character. You know Hidden Beauty is set in the Isle of Corfu.I only give the reader two glimpses outside the palace walls, the rest is inside.

I have a secondary character threatening to take over my story right now (Abby)! LOL I won't let her though. I am slowly refusing to write her into scenes in fear she'll steal the show. She's not so easy to send away as your Andrew was, so I just have to avoid writing her till I get to her book...

Pretty video, btw. I really want to see all of Scotland.

terrio said...

That is a beautiful video, Maggie. And I can see how it would provide all sorts of inspiration.

My heroine's best friend can be a bit overshadowing, mostly because her personality is more flamboyant than Celi's. I have no plans to give Miranda her own book, so I'll just do my best to keep her in her secondary position. :)

As for setting, my worst area. No real sense of where the story is taking place. But I'm hoping against hope that's something I weave in the next draft. Gotta get the story down first.

Elyssa Papa said...

So pretty! I wouldn't mind a secluded island with Andrew. ;) I love when a character or story idea pops up when I'm nearing the end. I'm always so afraid that I'll never think of another story as I'm writing.