Saturday, August 29, 2009

Goals, Goals, Goals

So I'm liking my mini-blogs. They've been very liberating, and I don't have to drone on about drone-able subjects. Since school has started, I'm even more goal-oriented. I'm hard at work on Any Wicked Thing and hope to have it finished by mid-October at the latest. 23,000 words to go.

Some months ago, the clever ladies at Risky Regencies sponsored a contest. One had to find a suitably vintage picture and caption it in the manner of LOLCats. I entered a bunch of them, and I won, but not with this particular illustration, although it is my favorite. It works very well for AWT. :) Check back here for my other entries in the upcoming weeks for your amusement.


irisheyes said...

Hilarious, Maggie!

I love funny captions on old portraits or pictures. You can buy greeting cards like that now and I always gravitate to those first.

TerriOsburn said...

That picture is cracking me up. What's sad is I didn't even notice the caption until you mentioned it in the blog. I'm so perceptive this morning. LOL!

Happy writing!