Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Seeing the Light

The book should be a ball of light in one's hands.

This is what I got in a fortune cookie the other day. You might remember I have a thing about fortune cookie fortunes---I collect them on the bulletin board over my desk. I always wonder what message the universe is trying to send me. Good thing I love Chinese food, for I have a plethora of philosophical sayings to ponder.

Of course, I immediately related the fortune to the Berkley Heat book I'm working on now, which has not exactly been a ball of light, although it is nowhere near as dark as Tempting Eden. Any Wicked Thing does have balls, I'll grant you that. It is beyond being the sexiest book I've ever attempted. At some point I'll have to get the h/h out of bed, although they might object. They seem perfectly willing to wallow wantonly for weeks, LOL.

I have two more weeks before school starts up. Push will come to shove, as I have February and March deadlines for two novels, and April and July deadlines for two novellas, and, best of all, book releases in May and June! I predict (without the aid of any fortune cookies or crystal balls) that my blog time here will be somewhat reduced in the next few months. I'll still keep you in the know, however---I'll be posting the cover copy for TE soon, and tell you if anything else exciting is happening (Fabulous writer Elyssa Papa has signed with fabulous agent Kim Witherspoon! Yay, Ely!). I'll still write a couple of times a month for the Vixens. But right now, the light is flickering here at MRMR---my weekly posts may turn out of be semi-monthly, or maybe even monthly, if I can discipline myself to shut up. I should have my new websites up and running shortly, don't forget to check back for the info! See you in a little bit.


Elyssa Papa said...

Oh, thank you, Maggie!!! Kisses!

I'm sorry about the time crunch; I'll miss these blogs. But more writing is always good. ;)

Maggie Robinson w/a Margaret Rowe said...

Oh, I'll never shut up completely. That would be impossible, LOL. But now I feel maybe I can turn off that bit of my brain that's always searching for an interesting topic to blog about. We'll see how successful I am. It makes me laugh that when I first started blogging in 2007 I wrote almost every day. I've cured myself of that! I'd like to use the blog as kind of an announcement platform, like the fact that Ely has an agent!!!

Tiffany Clare said...

Man.... I can't wait for Any Wicked Thing... It is your hottest book yet... and the hero, is to die for!!!!!

Crazy busy year this one has been, wouldn't you say! I GREAT year!!!!!!

terrio said...

As this is one of the first blogs I check daily, I too will have to get used to a reduction in my Maggie intake. :) But it's for a good cause, so I'll cope.

I'm seriously considering taking down my personal blog. I barely update once a month and mostly because I have nothing to talk about. Or rather, nothing I think would matter to anyone but me. I'm too boring to have my own blog. LOL!

SQUEEE for Ely again!

Janga said...

I'll miss your posts too, Maggie, but we all know the books matter more. Your audience awaits. :)

And I love thinking about people scattered all across North America squeeing for Ely's news.

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