Sunday, November 15, 2009

The End of the Beginning

Maggie Robinson Means Romance. The title started out as a mistake when I was registering on Blogger and then I just ran with it, figuring no one would ever read my blog anyway. I was wrong! Now, almost three years later, I'm getting ready to move on and I hope to drag as many of you with me as I can to my new home. You will be relieved to know I still mean romance, but it's not in the header to make you roll your eyes anymore. ;)
I'm so happy that Frauke Spanuth of Croco Designs has launched the official, elegant websites for Maggie Robinson and Margaret Rowe

Both are Dot NET sites. I will still be blogging, for how can I shut up? To celebrate , for everyone who links to my new site and/or comments on my first offical post on the new blog (to be entitled First Official original)and/or signs up for the newsletter and/or tweets the grand unveiling this week, I promise a special something when I get my special somethings. An arc? A bookmark? A coverflat? Something else rare and valuable? Only time will tell. :)

So, please bookmark and visit if you want to see how things are going. This is my last post on MRMR. Sniff. I'll miss my wistful little rose-bedecked woman that Haven Rich designed for me. Thank you so much for sharing the journey thus far with me. See you on the Web!

Friday, November 13, 2009


Yesterday I sent off the copy edits for Mistress by Mistake. I spent about 10 hours on Wednesday reading every single word---again, for the zillionth time---and was so impressed with my copy editor. She (he?) caught all sorts of stupid things. Me for be? Heaving for leaving (honest)? The marks were an interesting secret code, and my favorite is 'stet'---let it stand. I did write that a few times, but mostly the copy editor was right. So whoever you are, thanks a bunch. While there may yet be mistakes (did you know that Persian rugmakers always made a deliberate mistake in their pattern to show humility because only Allah is perfect?), it won't be for lack of attention to detail.
I laughed at the funny parts. And I cried at the end, as if somebody else wrote the story. I hope you will too!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Baby Steps

1. Rented post office box. Hope I don't lose the keys.

2. Ordered address labels with new post office box #.

3. Ordered business cards.

4. Receiving copyedits for Mistress by Mistake next week!

5. Working on cover copy for Any Wicked Thing.

6. 65,000 words on Master of Sin as of Sunday. Slooooww.

7. Buying ad with other Bradford authors in June RT.

8. Was quoted in December issue of RT (p.30*g*).

9. Reserved room in Gaylord Opryland Hotel for RWA.

10. Set up new desk and managed to re-plug-in the computer correctly.

11. Changed my Twitter (above right) and MySpace backgrounds, not that I use either very often. I'm all about the dark, rich reds passionate, LOL.

12. Margaret Rowe site almost ready! (Tiny sneak peek at banner, left)

13. Pinching self on a daily basis.

What are you doing?