Sunday, November 15, 2009

The End of the Beginning

Maggie Robinson Means Romance. The title started out as a mistake when I was registering on Blogger and then I just ran with it, figuring no one would ever read my blog anyway. I was wrong! Now, almost three years later, I'm getting ready to move on and I hope to drag as many of you with me as I can to my new home. You will be relieved to know I still mean romance, but it's not in the header to make you roll your eyes anymore. ;)
I'm so happy that Frauke Spanuth of Croco Designs has launched the official, elegant websites for Maggie Robinson and Margaret Rowe

Both are Dot NET sites. I will still be blogging, for how can I shut up? To celebrate , for everyone who links to my new site and/or comments on my first offical post on the new blog (to be entitled First Official original)and/or signs up for the newsletter and/or tweets the grand unveiling this week, I promise a special something when I get my special somethings. An arc? A bookmark? A coverflat? Something else rare and valuable? Only time will tell. :)

So, please bookmark and visit if you want to see how things are going. This is my last post on MRMR. Sniff. I'll miss my wistful little rose-bedecked woman that Haven Rich designed for me. Thank you so much for sharing the journey thus far with me. See you on the Web!